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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Vintage July 4th Party!!

It's hard to believe that July 4th is right around the corner!! June just flew by and summer is in full swing! We usually celebrate the 4th in the usual and customary way with a picnic somewhere and then watch the fireworks at night! Last summer we purchased a cottage on a lake and had a picnic there. We weren't able to watch the fireworks there, but we hear it is something to see! All the lake people get out on the lake with their boats after dark and watch the fireworks from their boats!! We so plan on doing that this year-sounds like fun! So to give all the celebrating a head-start, I'm joining Joan at Anything Goes Here for a Vintage 4th of July Party!! Here are my vignettes I put together for the occasion!Flags and shovels for some beach fun!
Some folksy handmades with patriotic colors!

I love this huge homemade rag ball and the hooked star!

Grungy pincushion and fun with my anagrams!

I dressed up my little bear with a patriotic hat so he can ride in his little wagon with style!

More patriotic colors and a fun vintage Tom's popcorn tub!

I hope you enjoyed my little tribute to our red-white and blue!! Check out Joan's blog and join the party!! Have a safe and wonderful Independence Day!!!!!


Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Cubbie Quest!

I went to one of my favorite shops on Friday (Gold 'n Country in Weyauwega, Wi) It's almost a guarantee that I'll find something there at a reasonable price. My finds for the day included 2 great old clocks-one of which I pictured here. Broken, but can use them for projects like a display case or picture frame. A nice old bird cage, a gorgeous mirror and picture frame in old gold, old books and this adorable cubbie/shelf!!Ever since Anne from Fiona & Twig did her cubbie post, I've been on the hunt, searching for the perfect one!! I have a couple small ones to tide me over for now--I think this one is pretty darn cute, actually!
I'm having fun filling it up!

I used to have this one in my kitchen, but I've since moved it into my computer room (my youngest daughter's old bedroom).
Wonderful old paint!!

This is just a soda crate that I picked up for $1-

But it serves a usefull purpose!

Just right for little "what nots"!!
I'm looking for a BIG one-big enough to set on the floor or on a tabletop.

Painted would be ok like this one...
(photo found in one of my books)
Natural and tall would be VERY ok like this one!!

(photo found on the web)

Then the mother of all cubbies...this one haunts my dreams since I found it on the web!!!

This entire kitchen is just amazing!! How gorgeous is that cupboard in the background?? LOVE IT!!!!!

I will keep looking until I find the right one, because as they say, "the thrill is in the hunt"!!

Don't forget about my giveaway!! Until next time...


Thursday, June 24, 2010

My 100th Post Giveaway!!!

I finally made it!!! I have achieved both of my goals--I wanted to have 50 followers by the time I hit my 100th post mark & I did! Thanks Jane of Mamie Jane's!! You were my 50th follower! Now here is what you'll get if you're the winner! This sweet little girl photo & folder, 2 old curtain rod finials, a vintage "good friend" post card, 5 candle clips, a DARLING little duck planter and the sweetest-ever portrait pin! And......
This pincushion in an old silver sugar bowl that I made, 6 butter pats and a fun little necklace proclaiming you as the "garage sale queen"!! And.....

12 very fun vintage photographs and a doorknob photo holder that I made!! And.....

a darling floral cup with 6 yummy robin's egg blue soaps and this set of birdie refrigerator magnets from Pier I. Also this beautiful piece of old lace with bird motif!! And....

it will all be lovingly, carefully packed inside this wonderful cracker tin!!!

Now, you can get three chances to win! Leave me a comment will be chance #1. Tell me you are a new follower or have been hangin' around for awhile will get you chance #2. And mention my giveaway somehow, somewhere on your blog will get you chance #3--make sure you let me know you did so, please!
I will be choosing the winner on Friday, July 2nd. I'm babysitting my little Jackson that day, and he isn't very fond of grandma bein' on the computer, so I won't announce til that evening. So stay tuned!! You won't be disappointed in the goodies I have chosen for you!! Good Luck and thanks in advance to all the participants!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Garden Whites

I'm linking up with Kathleen from Faded Charm for White Wednesday and showing you some of my garden and outdoor whites! Enjoy the tour........I love my vintage cement mushrooms!!
This rooster is not real old, but I think he has great patina! And he's very heavy!
Broken, chippy fence and garden statuary~

I bought this old sink at an auction for $1~wasn't sure what I would do with it at the time, but it has found a welcome place in my garden as a bird bath!

The birds love this old mailbox that I mounted on a post!

This birdhouse is now retired, but still decorative!

Great cement planter~

I love cement pieces, but why do they have to be so darn heavy?!?

I've had this old ringer forever! Every year I plant these tubs with impatiens and they fill them up beautifully!

Well, that concludes my garden whites tour! Hop on over to Faded Charm to see the rest of the beautiful whites for this White Wednesday!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Projects and Coming Attractions!

I have been having fun working on some new projects the last few days! I posted about these photo holders before, but have been trying to find new & different things to use. I love this little bitty doorknob!...and this little guy in his cowboy "chaps"!! I found a good sized pile of vintage photos at a sale a week or so ago and have been enthralled with digging through them--they are so much fun!!Some of my completed holders.

Using some old silver from my friend Joann's sale to make wind chimes!

These keys make a nice tinkling sound!

As you know~I LOVE pincushions! So I like to make them with anything I can find!

Especially old sugar bowls~in china...

and aged silver! I found some crazy quilt pieces at the flea market in May and they work perfectly for these!!

NOW....for the BIG news!! I am 2 posts away from my 100th post, and I will be having a giveaway!!!!!

I will be including this lovely vintage post card!

Also one of my photo holders and lots of other goodies which I will be packing inside this vintage cracker tin!!!!

Everyday I keep adding to the pile~something for everyone!!! SO, I know you won't be disappointed!!

Stay tuned!*!*!*!*!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Guy Stuff Sale!

I went to a fun estate sale last Friday and found that the ad was true when they said "lots of man stuff with 5 tables full of tools"!! At first I wasn't so sure that I even wanted to go, but the lady who runs these sales assured me there would be stuff there I would like! Well, I guess she was right 'cuz I filled up my van again!!! The man who's stuff it was told me that his late step-father was quite the collector and never threw anything out, with the thought that he could put it to future use. Funny, 'cuz my father-in-law was the same way! So there was every tool, nail, nut, bolt and plumbing part known to man! But what I really fell in love with was the containers everything was in!! Like these awesome large locker baskets~~so I filled them with the stuff I like!
A fun assortment of keys, pulleys, locks and other cool metal stuff! Great for windchimes and other projects.

I've been looking for doorknobs to make these photo holders! These are the ones I put together and I love the way they turned out!! I got this fun idea from Joan at Anything Goes Here who has these and other great ideas for photo holders in some of her posts from April. You should check it out--cheap and easy!! Thanks Joan!
Looks like I've got quite a supply!!

Great old jars and LOTS of old chain~~'cuz I wanna do this.......

I found this gorgeous photo in Better Homes and Gardens "Collectors Style" book and I love this idea!!

Then in the "not all guy stuff" section I found these pretty white dishes and lovely silver tray!

I also found a cute drop front desk that's still in my van! It needs a little TLC 'cuz one of the drawers sticks bad, but I have to wait until we dry out a little here! We've had tons of rain in the last few days!!
It was a fun sale-worth the drive and I have lots of ammunition now for some future projects!

I wanted to do a White Wednesday post, but I babysat my grandson the past 2 days and everytime I'd sit at the computer--he wasn't havin' it!! So I guess it didn't kill me to skip a week!! See you next time!


Saturday, June 12, 2010

I Went Back for More!!

Today is cool, cloudy and still wet from yesterday's rain. So I decided to stay home today and see what I could get accomplished~~some cleaning, some crafting, some baking and of course some blogging!!! While also doing some sorting and going through some of my latest finds, I realized--WOW! I've really aquired some very cool stuff lately! On Thursday I went back to my friend Joann's to pick something up I bought at her sale and I ended up buying some more great JUNK from her! The item I needed to pick up was this awesome cupola!! I LOVE IT!!!Rusted to perfection! I also talked her out of the little tricycle that was in her yard!


She gave me a great deal on all this silver~~$20 for all!!!

I had been looking for an old cupboard to put on top of a grubby bench I have on my deck. Thought this one fit the bill perfectly! I think I may need to put a shelf in it though???

I mentioned awhile ago that she was getting rid of her picnic tin collection...

and here they are in all their glory!!
Stack #1

Stack #2

This one is so sweet I can hardly stand it!!

Stack #3 and my finger!!

I don't mean to brag here, but I've really been hitting the JACKPOT lately!
I guess it's just luck or being at the right place at the right time! But I sure am happy with my great finds!

I also went to an estate sale yesterday that was truly a JUNKER'S paradise!! Lots of "guy" stuff~ but sometimes that can be a good thing!
Stay tuned for that post next!!

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