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Monday, January 17, 2011

Bartering ~ How did I do???

While working at the Red Rooster on Sunday, which I have to do a couple days a month, the lady from the antique store next door expressed a great interest in the gorgeous photo album I had for sale in my space. She asked what my best price was and I told her what I could do on it. She then told me she would think about it. We got to talking about some of the things I've been looking for and collect and I told her I would be interested in bartering. Well....after some discussion these are what she came up with.....
5 adorable little bitty oil cans!!

~ and this beautiful pincushion and 2 sweet little strawberry emeries, which I also collect! I was excited when she showed me these because after reading the post that Julian did from Tallulah's Antique Closet, which you can read about HERE I knew I wanted to find more!!
She then showed me these antique pin balls, which she claims are very old. Has anyone ever seen these or know anything about them? I find them very folk artsy and interesting?

She included these in the deal too!
I found this version on Ebay and thought it looked a little similar. If anyone has anymore information about these, let me know. I am very curious to learn more.
I hope I did well on my bartering trade! I feel satisfied with what I came away with and I guess that's really all that matters! :)

A little while later, my friend Katherine came over to the shop from her shop across the street (Fibber McGees) and brought me my belated birthday gift!! When I opened the little wooden box ~ I nearly squeeled with delight!
Isn't it darling?!? She bought it from my friend Jeanine of Chippy Shabby at one of her sales and said Jeanine told her I would love it! Well, Jeanine, you were so right ~ I DO!!!!!!!!!!!

I love little surprises like this!

Hope you have a great week and there's still time to enter my giveaway!!!

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