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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

just learnin' this blogging thing

I've been enjoying all the blogs I've been reading lately and thought I'd give this a try. So here goes!! I'm going to try and put in some pics of my Christmas decorating and maybe some of my room at the Red Rooster in Plymouth, Wi . I am totally addicted to antiques and just junkin' in general. It's the best feeling in the world when you find a good junkin' spot with great prices to boot! Nothin' like driving home with a vanfull of good loot!! I haven't been to a good flea market in a couple years! wow---just haven't been alble to get away at the right time. We live on a dairy farm and I do have to help with the chores, so mornings don't always work for me. But I do get out to some garage sales and have good luck with them. Like my 25cent Roseville vase!!! Probably my best find---too few and far between. Will try to post as often as I can to get in pics of my latest finds and crafty things I'm working on.

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