*****Vintage Finds for Home and Garden*****

Saturday, February 27, 2010


I thought I needed at least a partial day out of the house after being cooped up for 4 days at home being sick! So I ventured out to tweek my booth at the mall and look around a little bit. This mall is not very big-maybe 25 dealers or so, but their are a few good ones that I always am drawn to. I found this lovely cherub picture with the sweetest fat babies!!

some sheet music for $1- a piece...

A vintage photo album in as is condition, but with several good pages to use for art projects.

an Audubon bird book with lovely pictures.

A darling child's reader again with wonderful pictures!

I actually wonder if the bitty one was a dollie purse?!? I paid $20 for this one (ouch!!) but I just had to have it!!! Am going to try to make necklaces out of these when I find the right old chain.

Fabulous architectural pedestals/bases!!! These belonged to Frannie, the manager of the mall. She is the sweetest lady~~Very knowledgeable & always gives me great deals~~She loves me!!

Then before I had no energy left...I dashed off to an estate sale run by another lady I've known for a few years now and always gives me good deals~~I think she loves me too!! Sweet red and white restaurant china that I just love and a wonderful oval mirror with aged silver...ME LIKEY!!!

Don't know the maker of this pottery-but I like it! Darling creamers...

My fave---pincushions!!!... and a brightly colored towel with butterflies!

An awesome assortment of vintage buttons!! Love the metal ones in front--kinda snowflakey and spider-webby!! Great for projects!

Also got a cute little hutch that needs a white paint job and 2 concrete planters that I didn't picture~~they are still in the back of my van-sorta heavy but fabulous!!
All in all I think a pretty successful day!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Come On SPRING!!

I have been feeling a little better~trying to rest and not over-do, but these feelings of restlessness are not helping me!! I guess the fact that I'm gonna be a grandma real soon doesn't help the feeling that this has been a l-o-n-g winter!! I just wish spring would hurry up!!

Brought up some Easter and spring things this morning to do a little playing and found these sheep place card holders that I think will be perfect for displaying vintage Easter post cards.

Also decided to play some more and put some stuff under glass~~

...and make a pretty springy pincushion in an old planter using some gorgeous barkcloth!

I bought these FABULOUS curtain tie-backs and think they have the most wonderful patina!! I'm really not sure if I will sell them as such or use them as hooks on an old board--which I think they would be perfect for--HMMMM???

...aren't they to die for?!?

...more lovely Easter cards and an awesome square cloche! I have a bunch of new cloches that I'm saving for our spring open house at the store in March~~the big "kick-off" for the new season!! Have some great springy ideas for vignettes in mind!

I also have these new consevatories-this is the smaller one...

and this is the bigger one. Big enough for some small plants, nests and eggs or a bowl of whatever springy filler I can find!

At least the sun is shining today and the temps will be a little milder this weekend~~maybe that will help my mood a little...or the fact that I have an estate sale I wanna go to this morning too!!
Have a great weekend~~Happy junking!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I jinxed myself when I said awhile ago that I haven't been sick in a long time~~Well, the Dr. told me this morning that I have a sinus and upper respiratory infection!! Needless to say I have been feeling pretty darn LOUSY!*%$& The only consolation is I have been getting some crafting done while I'm supposed to be "resting". Does anyone recognize this little cutie?!?
This little darlin' happens to be the mother of Anne from Fiona & Twig!! She was generous enough to share this sweet image with us and I knew I wanted to use it in one of my projects as soon as I saw it!!
So I made a collage in an old drawer~~
great old vintage crusty-kinda rusty handle!

Used the pages from an old school reader, added some coffee-dyed lace, an old baby spoon and pair of shoes.

These lovely gals adorn an old platter.

I found this vintage embroidery hoop and did a collage with a lovely old photo. I've been trying to keep busy without actually "working" since my ambition would fill a thimble!! Did you ever notice how dirty your house looks when you're sick?!? I guess the dust bunnies will have to wait!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010


This is the time of year between seasons that everything looks a little blah and tends to bring your spirit down right along with it! Trying to shake off the mid-winter blues, I decided to give my living room mantel a little face-lift! I hadn't really done much with it after Christmas and thought it was about time. So I spruced and spiffed it up a little.
I added a combination of both new and old embellishments~~

...Some architectural interest

I wish the mirror in this fabulous frame was old, but alas it is not. This cute birdie clock was purchased at Pier One!

My wonderful vintage aquarium purchased a little while ago now houses some candles and moss. Will have fun changing this up with the seasons!!

Love my repro doggie! Hopefully this little make-over will help make me feel like spring will be coming soon!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I've always been a crafter at heart. I can remember when I was "much younger" I used to pester my mother for stuff to craft with, and coming from a big family (I have 8 brothers and sisters) we didn't have the money to rush out and buy much. So I had to make do with what we had lying around the house. I can also remember making my own Christmas wrapping paper using a potato cut into a shape and stamping tissue paper with paint. My mother had saved one of these early creations of mine and gave it back to me a few years ago. She was quite the saver!! --with 9 kids I guess you had to be. Perhaps that is where I've gotten some of my inclinations towards thriftiness and creating with what you have. But since I've started this blog I have been incredibly inspired by those of you whose creativity has really lit a fire under my butt!!! Speaking of butts.....
I made this pincushion out of this kitty planter that had a tiny chip~perfect spot to stuff fabric into!
I made this nature collage in an old hanky box that had the cover torn off. Found the mushroom picture in a vintage dictionary then I remembered....

these kitschy plastic mushrooms I bought at a garage sale with some other tacky fruit!! It's occurred to me that it pays to be a pack rat when it comes to collages and altered art!! Aren't they cute?!

I got the idea and template for this cone from a tutorial from Dawn at the feathered nest (see my sidebar) She is the most talented of all the women I follow~~truly an inspiration to me!

I think it turned out pretty well for a first attempt!

I'm going to be taking my projects to the store and the mall and they'll be up for sale. Should be interesting to see if I have any luck.

I love the way this one turned out.

Cute little baby face! I found the cute little duckie rubber stamp in an antique mall the other day in a bag with some letters and numbers~~so fun!

SO~~~what do you think? sellable?? For those of you creative babes out there in "Bloggeritaville" can you help me out and give me an idea what I can price these at? Any input would be appreciated....and thanks again for the inspiration!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Weekend Finds

Since garage and estate sales are very few and far between this time of year here in Wisconsin, the "cabin fever" really starts to set in for a junker like me!! So I have to do a little more lookin' in other places~~like malls and shops.
I found these wonderful old books in another booth at the antique mall that I'm in. The covers are fabulous!!! Also found a great old dictionary and a horticulture book with alot of "nature" pictures. Lots of great material for my paper projects~~

I bought this little paper art picture at the Cabin Fever Flea Market on Saturday! I love the materials they used and will be keeping this one for ME!!

I've had my eye on this darling silhouette at the mall I'm in for some time and finally broke down and bought it~~~again, this ones for little ole ME! Also picked up the architectural fragments this weekend too.

This turquoise cabinet is one of my fave finds on Sat. at the Cabin Fever Flea Mkt.!!! I just LOVE this color~~SO springy!! I will be doing a great vignette with this baby! The inside of this cabinet is pictured about 4 pics down--sorry I screwed up my order-Oops!!
This great table came from the flea market as well. Great patina~Perfect amount of wear!! Sorry about my gross garage motor oil stains!

NOW~~this chair was my FAVORITE find!! (also found at the flea mkt.) So shabby I can't stand it!!
Great color*excellent condition*LOVE it!!

cute pie crust table

pretty pastel pottery and floral plate

this is the inside of my aqua cabinet...not sure if this was a medicine cabinet or used for kitchen-y stuff like spices?

My friend Jeanine of Chippy-Shabby was at the flea market and of course her booth was the B*E*S*T!!!! I knew she wouldn't disappoint!! Very fresh and springy~~Thanks for the yummy cookie, Jeanine!! Bought this awesome birdhouse and chippy architectural fragment from her~~
these are staying home with me!!!!~~


sweet $5 lamp from Goodwill

also got 2 of these nice jars from GW~~great for storing buttons, etc. This weekend was the most fun I've had in a long time!! Now to get busy and get them all in my booths!!

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