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Monday, April 12, 2010


This past Sunday my hubs and I spent the greater part of the day doing yardwork at our cottage that we bought early last summer. We have made so many memories there in this past year and hope to own it for many more years to come. This picture was taken last summer of my husband doing what he loves best...fishin' off our pier. We both work very hard on our farm and this is our reward. We love to come here to unwind and have family get-togethers. Let me take you on a little tour~~~

Our lake frontage faces west and we have enjoyed some gorgeous sunsets!!!!

The two bedrooms are about the same size. They both have a woodsy, rustic feel.

This is the one we consider the master because it has a patio door that leads outside.

Our cute little potty room!

All the furniture was included with the sale. It's definitely not my style, but it's in really good condition and perfect for our family. Now for the bad news....My husband made it very clear that he doesn't want any OLD JUNK to "mess up" his cottage!!!! So I'm trying to live with that and respect his wishes, much to my dismay. But I have gotten him to agree to old fishing stuff and that is OK with him. I'm currently looking for old lures.

This picture is rather dark, but when you first walk in the front door, you can see clear to the other end of the living room through the double patio doors out to the lake...this was the thing that sold us almost at once. It was love at first sight!!!

These old decoys were left for us by the previous owner.

These windows let in such wonderful light in the morning!

My cute little kitchen!

This last winter felt so long waiting with anticipation for spring to come so we could come here again. We have to close it up and drain all the water pipes in the fall. Now it's ready for another season of relaxation, cook-outs, boat rides, fishing and family togetherness~~~We just love it!!!!

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  1. Such a lovely lakehome Julie! We bought one last year with our oldest son- it's such a fun relaxing place for the family to gather! I did ours in a vintage lodge style so the guys were okay with that! LOL! Can hardly wait to get back out on the water!


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