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Friday, October 8, 2010

Fall at My House

I don't have a front porch, unfortunately, and I envy anyone who does! But I decided to join in the Vintage Inspiration party at Debra's blog, Common Ground anyway!!! I do have a front step, that's actually about a 4 foot square slab and I can decorate it even though our house is a aways from the road. So I do it just for me!! I found this lightweight plastic urn at a sale this spring and after the flowers were past their prime, I pulled them out and added a nice fat pumpkin and a fall garland.
I have 2 of these urns - one on each side of my garage door. I added the picket fence pieces for a little backdrop! I put evergreen boughs in these at Christmas time--a perfect seasonal welcome!!

I have this rusty garden chair on my deck and I plopped this chubby pumpkin on it for a fall touch!

Moving inside, I would like to share some of my fall vignettes that I've put together!

This one is on a little cupboard in my dining room...

~on the hearth of my fireplace in the living room.

...simple fall arrangement...

and a big leafy garland on my living room cupboard.

I will be getting my mantle "halloweenified" in the next few days and will be sharing pics of all my vintage goodies!!

For now hop on over to Debra's blog and see all the wonderful porches and other inspiring goodies others are sharing!


  1. I love how you've Halloweenified (great word!) everything! The urns are so pretty and all your inside decorations are beautiful , too!

  2. I like the vignettes you had done through out your home. And also the front with the pumpkins in the urns. Thanks for stopping by for a visit....Julian

  3. it looks great!!!! I love the old ladder in your previous post!

  4. Everything looks wonderful!! I love the pumpkins in the urns and adding the picket fence behind it was genius! The vignettes inside are just as lovely. I think I need to get busy with a little decorating.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Hi Julie! No size restrictions, lol! I've learned that all decorating is really for us personally. Your urns with the pumpkins are just what I love. and the ones with the picket fence are wonderful. I just love a picket fence thrown in for good measure! It all looks "wonder-fall". Thanks for joining in for VIF and for your great post! Can't wait to see your mantle Halloweeniefied!

  6. Wow wonderful decorations even if you have a tiny front porch! Love it all.

  7. Beautiful fall decorations!
    Happy weekend!
    ~ Jo :)

  8. hi there! love all your autumn goodness! especially the pumpkin sitting on the chair. it's funny, the photo of the pumpkin in the urn on your side bar is one of my favorites (from Country Home Magazine, right? ) i actually did a watercolor of it which you can see at my bloggy.
    have a good weekend,

  9. Lovely front door decorating, no one really sees mine either, but I still love to decorate...I hope the UPS drivers like it!:)

    I love your chippy white pumpkin in the bucket, the bittersweet is so pretty too, and the pumpkins in the urns are fabulous...love it all!

  10. It looks pretty Halloweeny over there! My favorite thing this year is a pumpkin in an urn, and you've done it Boo-tifully!

  11. Such fun ideas! Thanks for keeping us all in the loop.

    ps I think I may have gotten this one to work!

  12. Your fall decorations look great. I love the white urn, my favorite.

  13. Your fall colors are just wonderful!

  14. Hi Julie, You did a great job with all your decorations. I especially like the lantern on your hearth with the candle in it. Don't you just love these fall colors? I could live with them all year long. Thanks for sharing and visiting.


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