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Saturday, October 23, 2010

My Halloween Favorites!!

I mentioned before that I finally got my Halloween decorations out and I thought I'd share some of my vignettes! I have several vintage paper mache lanterns and I always look forward to getting them out!! They set the stage for all my other decor.

Since I don't really go the "spooky" route ~ I like it to be more fun and playful!!

My black cat bucket is my all-time favorite vintage piece!! I bought it on Ebay several years ago and I love him!

This crepe paper cat "doll" was purchased a few years ago at the same antique/craft show that I just did last weekend! There are some talented crafters there!

This jack-o-lantern is a great reproduction!

Funny little pumpkin head man!

Another vignette in the corner behind my "grandma chair"!!

Some new and some old...

another great reproduction jack-o-lantern!

Love this fun primitive scarecrow man...also bought a couple years ago at that same sale! I often ended up leaving some of my profits there!!!!

The majority of my Halloween decorating is being kept to the living room this year, since I don't want to have to move it out of the kitchen when we start the remodeling project.

Next up ~ how I decorated the old cupboard in my living room!!

Stay tuned!


  1. bootiful! Good luck on the remodel, too. Lezlee

  2. Your decorations are really fun~ I love all the paper mache pumpkins~ you have a wonderful collection!!

  3. I love your decorations, Julie! The cats from Ebay and the antique show are my favorites. I also love everything on the little vignette behind your "grandma chair." So cute! We do fall and fun stuff too. We made a few pumpkins from paperbacks and copied a big PB tree branch with book pages. Lots of primitive pumpkins about but nothing scary. Have a blessed Sunday!

  4. These are wonderful, Julie, just the right Halloween "flavor" for me. Looks great up there on your great fireplace mantle!!

  5. Your booth display looked great! Love your Halloween decorations, my favs are 'beware of the cat' and 'if I only had a brain (oops, brane)'. Wonder if anyone makes a t-shirt with that saying, course someone might not think that was a joke in my case. Ha!

  6. You have a great collection of vintage Halloween. And some cute new Halloween also I like the horns in your booth. Thank's for sharing....Julian

  7. You asked me about a vintage halloween party didn't you? Well tomorrow my announcement will be up and the party is Friday with the link system up on Thursday afternoon. You are all ready!

  8. Those are all so special! Some worth lots of $$ too :) I had one really good one and I finally bit the bullet and sold it on ebay. Love your blog :)

  9. I love all your sweet decorations. The faces on some of the characters made me laugh. The vintage pieces sure get expensive, don't they?
    Happy Halloween.

  10. You have some rockin vintage Halloween Decorations..love all those old paper mache pumpkin heads!!!
    Here comes Thanksgiving & guess what, I can't wait!! It doesn't hurt that this year my birthday falls on turkey day, but I'll tell you what. Historically speakin, I usually NEVER get a birthday cake. I usually get a piece of pie with a candle in it. Can somebody tell my family I HATE THAT. Now don't get me wrong, I adore pumpkin pie...but the little girl in me still wants CAKE!! LOL
    Smiles Friend,

  11. I see why you haven't had time to post...I just caught sight of your booth at the Red Rooster from the Chippy Shabby blog! Wish I could see and shop in person!!


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