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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Holiday Flea Market

We had a few inches of snow early Sat. morning and I think that really put a damper on the Holiday flea that I did on Sat. The crowd was pretty thin unfortunately!! As anyone who does any kind of markets, sales or shows knows how much work goes into these it can really be disappointing! Oh well, I think my booth was really pretty anyway!!One side of my booth had a huge window in it and I love how the sun came peeking through later in the afternoon! It cast some lovely shadows on my vintage Christmas!
I made a little village scene inside this antique aquarium. Of course it didn't sell, so I will probably take it to one of my booths.

These hinged windows I put together were the perfect backdrop since my booth was in a corner.

I had tons of vintage Christmas!

I loved this vintage store display basket that I used to display old boxes of Christmas lights!

I did sell the cute little picnic tin and the watering can!

I didn't do horrible, but compared to last year's show this one was not very good! I did have alot of fun buying some great stuff from the other dealers there and got some great deals!

Bought this sweet bottle brush tree that was still in it's original box ~ mint condition!!

Then my favorite buy of the day -- this little cutie............

I LOVE this darling little bottle brush tree! The pink beads on the frosty flocking make it look so sweet and feminine!! I just adore it!!!

I also bought the wonderful little tureen it sits in, one of two I got from the same dealer!
I didn't mind so much having to pack up most of my stuff knowing I came away with such sweet finds!

I can at least take my leftovers to my booths to sell. Hope everyone had a great weekend!!


  1. I like all the bottle brush trees and that vignette in the fish bowl is too CUTE! That is a cool idea. Have a good evening.....Julian

  2. Ooh... I love your bottle brush trees~ I like to put them in containers like that, too...so charming! Too bad your crowds were low for the sale, because you had wonderful stuff...all the pretty beaded garland, the wire basket...and LOVE that aquarium with the houses!!

  3. Wow Julie; it all looked so pretty!
    The dad-ratted snow and cold does keep people home and that's too bad...bet it will all fly out of your booth soon.


  4. Julie,
    I loved your displays. Perfect pink balls, a darling Santa on a reindeer and the picnic tin basket were my favorites. What I love about vintage Christmas is I have so many different collections, my husband never knows when I sneak another piece in. I know how disappointing shows can be. It is good you have another outlet.

  5. Your display looked just beautiful, and if more people had showed up, I know you would have done really well! I just don't know how you can part with that little village in the terrarium though. It's so sweet!

  6. We do shows too and you are right, so much goes into putting it all together even though I love doing it. Your booth looks great! I always find things to bring home with me too:) That is half the fun of doing the shows.
    Have a great week.
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  7. Your booth is lovely! I'll take one of everything, please! :D

  8. I would have been a good customer...you had some great Christmas treasures!!

  9. Your booth looks fabulous. Man I wish I was there. I love just about everything you had. I can't believe the little glitter houses didn't sell!

    p.s. Your little Packer Backer on the sidebar is so adorable! Glad to see he's being raised right! GO PACK GO!

  10. Your booth is beautiful! So sorry about the snow though. Not surprised that little picnic basket and watering can went quick!

  11. Hi Julie, oooh I love all of your vintage Christmas! Thank you so much for visiting me at my blog today... I also collect the mini Shiny Brite ornaments, I see several little boxes in a corner of one of your photos... love all your bottle brush trees and vintage Putz houses... I would have been in vintage Christmas Heaven!... xoxo Julie Marie

  12. Oh, you have a lot of pretty things...too bad the crowds weren't good. I love those little houses and that last bottle brush tree :)

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