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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Favorite Vintage Ornaments

The last couple Christmases I've decorated my tree with only vintage ornaments. I have several that have become my favorites! Some sentimental favorites are family heirlooms handed down to me... like this awesome paper Santa which belonged to my dad's mother! He is quite fragile so I handle him with care!
This sweet pine cone was given to me by my mother-in-law and it was my husband's grandma's!

I didn't add anything else to our tree this year but ornaments. Last year I had tinsel on the tree but it was so messy I decided to keep it simpler this year.

The next few are favorites because of shape and style...
adorable little mushroom

love the shape of this one ~ ice cream cone or hot air balloon?!?

I believe this spun cotton turnip or beet is probably my most valuable ornament. I've seen these priced in the $40 range!

Love this cute little duckie!

another unusual cone shape

This chippy paint pine cone is quite large, like the size of my fist!

Every year I like to add some new additions to my tree. But these have been my absolute faves for several years now and I hope to hand them down to my children too!

Hope everyone is having a good week! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Oh these are FABULOUS, Julie...you have a wonderful collection! Love the paper Santa, and the turnip...so unusual!!

  2. Your vintage ornaments are so pretty. I love the mushroom and the little pinecone the best!

  3. How awesome you have some true heirlooms! Lezlee

  4. Julie I really enjoyed these. I like keeping it simple this year too and focusing on the good stuff! I think the paper Santa is my favorite! Take care and stay warm.

  5. I have a soft spot for vintage ornaments. Your's are so pretty. My favorite is the santa!

  6. Julie I love all of your vintage ornaments, but the Santa is my favorite. He is awesome.
    I had an ornament that was made during war
    times, it had a paper top and I accidentally
    dropped and broke it. I literally sat down
    and cried. I have been looking for one ever
    since and have not found another. I bought it
    back when no one else was collecting Christmas
    items. Someday I hope to find another but I know it will cost me dearly.


I truly appreciate each and every word!! Thanks for stopping by!!

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