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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Estate sale finds!

The reason I haven't posted in awhile is because I haven't had anything going on in my life that was exciting enough to share! Just the usual day-to-day stuff, plus I caught a dandy cold too. But I was feeling well enough to head out to an estate sale on Sat. morning that was being run by Fran, the lady that is the manager of the antique mall I sell in. So, I knew it was gonna be a good one and that she would probably give me good deals!! And that she did! This gorgeous platter, allthough chipped in a few spots was in a box of odd dishes and was only $2- for the whole box! I will be keeping this beauty and putting it in one of my cupboards, so who cares about chips, right?

This is pretty much the whole of my bounty from that sale. I also bought a beveled mirror that has quite a bit of silver loss--YUM!!

I can never turn down vintage sewing stuff and more old patterns too. This bunch of patterns were from the 50's--way cool!

I like to use old ric-rac to tie tags on my items I sell.

I love this old bird cage! It will be finding a new home here in my office/sewing room that I will be sprucing up in the soon to be future! I hope!!
I will keep you posted on that. It involves paint and a whole lot of furniture rearranging!! YIKES!

Who doesn't need more ironstone?

Bought one cute little lone butter pat too. You can spy it in the photo of all the stuff I bought.

Grabbed this lot of old medals and crosses too. Will be saving these for jewelry projects of course!

Bought a bunch of old books, but my favorites were a fun colorful children's story book and a girl scout hand book with great illustrations!

Not sure if this is a doorstop or a bookend, but there was only one so I'm going with doorstop!

At this time of year, it's always fun to get out to your first great sale, and this one did not disappoint!
I must admit that I was having an anxiety attack when I drove up at about 7 minutes after the start of the sale and people were already walking out with stuff!
And good stuff too! Oh well, I think I did pretty well, don't you?

Thanks for stopping by and hope to visit you all more often too!


  1. You sure made up for lost time with all of these great finds. That birdcage!!! That sale must have been just loaded with great stuff. Looks like it's going to be a great junkin' year!

  2. I think you made some great buys!!! I'm loving that platter and the old bird cage!!!

  3. I am glad you are doing better, you scored this weekend. Love the bird cage. Mary

  4. You really did find some nice stuff. I love that platter and who cares about a few chips when it's that pretty!

  5. Score! You found some gorgeous things. The platter is gorgeous.. no chips don't bother me at all. I love all the things related to sewing.. always fun to me to find old patterns since I sew. I must admit I have paid too much for them on etsy would much rather find thm like you did. My favorite was the ship.. love it.

  6. Wow, I'm feeling your excitement with the wonderful goodies. I wouldn't care about the chip either and those crosses and medals have me so jealous. I know that feeling, when you drive up to a sale and you think that all the good stuff must be gone....ya just never know.
    Great stuff!

  7. Great finds! love the birdcage, religious medals, and ironstone!!! judy

  8. Great finds! I love the platter, such pretty colors.


  9. Great finds!!!! I especially love the old religious icons and metals. You did good. Keep junkin'...Tiff

  10. Glad to hear your feeling better, and just in the nick of time it seems. You found some great treasures. I love the plater and of course you can never have enough old books and ironstone. Thanks for sharing your finds.

  11. That platter just reeled me in! Gorgeous! You must have been thrilled! Love the pitcher too! So great to collect, gift, OR sell! You can't go wrong!

  12. Yes, you did great! You have the best eye! I LOVE the platter!

  13. Julie I love your platter and you scored big
    time. My daughter has an ironstone pitcher
    just like that, it was her husband's grandmothers. I wished we had sales like that

  14. I agree! The birdcage, the ironstone, the transferware, the sewing stuff.... All of it! I'm so glad it wasn't a disappointment for you.

  15. Great stuff!I just love the bird cage I can't wait till the sales start in my area. There are a couple of sales this week-end, whoopee!!

  16. So why is it I always want to go junkin' with people I shouldn't go junkin' with?! I would surely be fighting over all your purchases! Great haul!

  17. I adore old patterns. old sewing stuff. old books. such a great stash! thanks for sharing!


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