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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Thrifting finds!

To try and cure my winter blues, I finally got the chance to get out on Saturday morning and visit a couple thrift stores. I visited a local St Vinny's first with moderate success! I found this awesome wicker covered bottle and bought all the glass domes they had ~ I think they were originally from an anniversary clock. I like to display fun little stuff under them, like my mini eiffel tower!

Found the cute little creamer too!

...and some vintage patterns, that I may use as a fun alternative to tissue paper for my Etsy shop sales!

Then I headed over to Goodwill and had much better luck there!

Got a whole tray full of wonderful vintage goodies!
Sweet little teapot and violet tea cup, darling ceramic baby shoe, gorgeous salt and pepper set, tiny butter pats with pink flowers, lovely lady tin, and a vintage cocktail shaker ~ martini anyone!??

Oh, and the mirror tray too!!

Love the graphics on the tin and isn't the little shoe adorable?

Pretty candy tin with colorful flowers!

I don't think this etched bottle is particularly old, but it sure is pretty!
I think it would be gorgeous filled with glitter!

I'm lovin' those salt and pepper shakers!

Close ups!

Also found a tin litho checker board that is used with marbles. Alas, the marbles were gone, but I think the board is cute all by itself!

Vintage photo was already framed ~ it amazes me what people will give away! Who's relatives are they anyway!??
I also picked up two nice vintage dresser mirrors and some old picture frames for projects!

Sorry I haven't posted these pics till now, but have been busy babysitting for my grandson, Jackson the past couple days and tomorrow too! He has been sick with a cold and fever and can't go to daycare. So grandma gets to snuggle him all day ~ I'm lovin' that part, but not happy he's been sick!

Thought I'd share my thrifty finds for Savvy Southern Style's Wow us Wednesday linky party!

Time to hop on over there and see what others have to share. Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate your comments and follows so much!!


  1. Great finds. I am crushing on the glass domes. All your little pretties look so fabulous under them.

  2. love all the nifty thrifty treasures you found...lucky girl! would love for you to share with my readers on fridays unfolded in a couple days.


    stuff and nonsense

  3. Wow! You did well. I collect violet china so the cup caught my eye. I also liked the etched glass bottle and the tin. Well done you. xx

  4. Man! Your thrifts are a million times better than ours! We'd be lucky to find just one of those items at any of ours. (Well, except for the domes. And then I have to buy the whole clock just to get the dome. And never see more than one in a store - if there's even one.) You done good, girl!

  5. You had a great morning of thrifting. I can't believe you found that many glass domes in one place!! And love the wicker covered bottle!
    I hope Jackson is feeling better. His cute little face makes me smile every time I visit.

  6. You got me with the first picture...I love the domes and that wicker covered bottle! Great finds!!!

  7. Great haul! If that doesn't cure your winter blues I wouldn't know what to do.

    Our local St. Vinny's recently closed. It was kinda on the dumpy side but I haven't met a junk store that wasn't worth a look see!

    Is that a new picture of Jackson and his "sister"? I'm just now seeing it, it's too funny!

  8. So many fun finds, Julie! Wish I was treasure hunting with you! Hope your little sweetie is feeling better soon!

  9. Amazing finds, especially that wicker covered bottle! I've never seen anything like that at a thrift store. Love the photo of your grandson on your sidebar. All children should be raised as Packer fans!

  10. Wow! You have some great finds here. Hope the little man is feeling better now.

  11. Oh my goodness did you hit the treasure trove or what! Love the Eiffel Tower, particularly under the glass dome. Great stuff Girl!


  12. The bottle is my fav! Can't believe that you got that at a thrift store! I collect these bottles & they are very expensive in antique stores. good find, The Cranky Queen

  13. I'd be shakin' in my shoes if I found those glass domes at our thrift store. Wow, did you get some great stuff. I don't think anything good makes it to the shelves of our GW. I keep trying though:)
    I hope Jackson is better soon.

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