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Monday, June 6, 2011

Projects completed!!

As promised, I'm sharing the finished product of some of my latest projects. In my last post I mentioned a table top mannequin that I bought on Etsy and that I wanted to decoupage it with vintage pattern pieces. Well, here is my finished manny and I think I'm lovin' the end result!
I used pattern pieces that were the same color as the mannequin so all that shows is the black lettering. I also tried to match the pieces with the "body parts" ~ kinda fun and made the result a little more interesting. You really need to use a light hand when applying the mod podge as the delicate tissue tears easily.
By the way...the necklace is a new creation too!

I also finished the shelf I mentioned in my last post too.

I used pages from an old German book as the background, then glued pieces from an old tape measure around all the edges.

Finished the top off with a piece of hardware that was in my stash from the Pardeeville Mall.

I've been on a decoupaging frenzy lately! I had this old wood drawer and thought it would look great done with ads from an old Woman's World magazine.

Now I'd like to share some of the other things I brought home from my recent trip to the antique mall.

I found this adorable mini plant shelf and thought it would be a perfect spot to display some of my favorite pincushions.

This sweet little crown pincushion with tape measure on the bottom was a recent Etsy purchase too! That Etsy can be a dangerous place for me sometimes!!

I knew I would find the perfect spot for this cute 2 tiered basket in my craft room. I filled it with old balls of darning cotton and string that I use to make tags.

Last but not least, this is the bulk of the rest of my finds from Pardeeville. I have been looking for some of these gutter screens and managed to find three! I plan on keeping these for a bit and will use them like little cloches! So fun!

Will probably sell the shaving brushes and the Flinch cards in my Etsy shop. The little word cards will be saved for art projects.

Have some plans for some more jewelry on the back burner and have been kinda anxious to get working on all that cool hardware I just found!

So stay tuned and thanks so much for your visit!

I have been visiting blogs lately, but am having trouble leaving comments and from what I hear I'm not the only one!

So know that I do drop in now and then, but have to just look for now!


  1. Love all your great finds. The mannequin turned out wonderful. Wish I had one (sigh).


  2. Wow, you have been busy! Love how everything turned out.


  3. Julie your mannequin turned out really nice.
    I love that mini plant shelf you found and I also love all of those pin cushions. Good job!

  4. Those pincushions are fabulous! Thanx for sharing! Tiffany

  5. You did a great job on the mannequin. I really like the idea of matching the pattern pieces to the body parts! You really found some awesome stuff on your buying trip. Love, love, love the gutter screens!

  6. I love all your finds (of course)! You did a such a great job on the fun mannequin! I found a gutter screen recently, and didn't know what it was until your post!

  7. LOVE your blog and etsy shop!!!

  8. Amazing finds! I love your pin cushions. You did a great job on the mannequin and that necklace she's sporting is gorgeous.


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