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Monday, June 13, 2011

Where this woman creates!

This post is a long time coming considering I re-decorated the room I now call my own almost 3 months ago! Yes, I hate to admit it, but I did the big move and paint job in March, but in my own defense, I really didn't get it completely done until recently. All the finishing touches are now complete and I'm ready to share my sanctuary with the world!!This room used to be my youngest daughter's bedroom and until March, was a guest room of sorts with the computer and a bunch of other odd junk in it.

It was also painted red on the bottom and white on the top with a border between the two.

When trying to decide what color to paint this room, I knew I wanted something fresh and completely different from any of the other rooms in the house.

Most of the other rooms are earth tones, cream, tan, or yellow.

Here it is mid-mess with the border removed and ready to paint.

The deep red was a little tough to cover, but the paint I bought was a good quality and did a pretty good job. I went with a pretty robin's egg blue ~ so fresh and different!

I also knew I wanted to go with a french theme in here since I am totally enamored with anything Paris!

I have a small collection of little eiffel towers which I hope to add to. I found the tin Paris sign at Hobby Lobby.

The black canvas banner with all the french locales on it was a purchase at my friend Katherine's shop, Fibber McGees in Plymouth, WI

I ordered the black lamp with the french script shade from a mail order called "Country House" and I just love it!!
Looks good with my "manny"!

I spend alot of time on the computer, so I wanted to make sure my view was pleasant! I have alot of fun things on this particular wall.

Tattered old books, sweet Mary Jane's and some vintage pricing tags that I bought on Etsy make up this vignette.

This picture is a little bright, but shows some of my work table and the storage around it. The cute little white book shelf was my grandma's.

I recently bought this old desk from the Red Rooster and knew it was exactly what I was looking for as my work table. It was from an old technical school from the 1940's. I love the shelf on the top...great for extra storage!

This is what it usually looks like with all the jewelry junk laying around! But I thought it looked a little more "real" this way!

I decided to take the closet doors off and utilize this space for storage for crafting and art supplies. I found the old metal brackets and made a shelf above the door to display some of my ivory pottery collection. It really pops against the blue!

I try to keep this organized!

More storage in this old chest, and a great place for the tv too! The black eiffel tower on the wall is a vinyl rub-on that I got at Hobby Lobby ( I adore H.L.!) and the framed map of France on the left is from a 1940's atlas.

Well, that completes our tour! The only other wall I didn't show has a black shelf that I have office junk on and is not all that exciting. But I do have my pincushion display on it that I showed in my last post.
This room was a labor of love and I am so happy that I have a place to call my own!!

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I do! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Great work! What a nice place to be creative.

  2. Julie,

    What a lovely place for you to create! You did a great job of decorating, and I love, love, love the color you chose. The idea of taking off the closet doors was smart.

    Thanks for the tour!

  3. Hi, Julie! What a lovely space! J'adore the French theme! Have lots of success and happiness creating in there! :) Robyn

  4. It's a wonderful space Julie, with so many great elements...love the school desk, the lamp...and everything else!


  5. Julie that was a lot of work. You did a fantastic job. I love your desk and actually
    I love all of it. It is a great "Julie" space.

  6. I LOVE it!!! The color and everything you added is just perfect and VERY Parisian. You have a cool flare! JenT

  7. I love your space, Julie...it looks like a relaxing, personal space where you can be inspired and create!

  8. What a great space and who doesn't love robin's egg blue!? I recently cleaned up and rearranged my sewing room but it still needs alot of work. Hope to get it done and photographed and posted in time for the Where Women Create II or III, better figure out when that is, yikes!

    Also, I'll have to tell my sil about the the Pardeeville Antique Mall, she and my brother live in Baraboo. So close but I'm sure she's never taken me there.

  9. I just love your room, it is perfect and every little inch is so well thought out. I live in Orlando now, but grew up in Minnesota and spent a lot of time across the boarder in Wisconsin.

    I agree with you and think Casey accidentally overdosed her!

    Your newest follower, great blog!

  10. I'm so jealous! I love how this creative space turned out. Your mannequins are wonderful and I love that lamp. You are so creative with all your displays and it looks like it all functions so well.

  11. Where have I been Junkin Julie??? I have missed you. I wanted to stop by & say hi & LOVE your new studio, especially the robins blue paint....so restful, so fresh...wonderful friend! Now you need to join in over at My Desert Cottage for the 'Where Women Create' challenge. I think it's July 15th...
    Anywho...I was missin you!!
    Hugs & here's to the perfect blue...I LOVE that color!

  12. Hi Julie, I think that your room turned out beautiful. I love all of your special touches. I'm a Hob Lob girl too and love to find treasures at 80 to 90% off and transform them. I plan to check out your space @ the Red Rooster on our way to Door County later this summer. Great blog! Penny


I truly appreciate each and every word!! Thanks for stopping by!!

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