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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Time for a change!

There comes a time in everyone's life when they need to take a step back and re-evaluate what is most important and where they want to place the main focus in their lives. After MANY months of soul searching and tossing things around in my head, I have come to the very difficult decision to pull myself out of the Red Rooster in Plymouth, WI where I have sold for the past 11 years!

This was not an easy decision for me considering the fact that the owner, my dear friend, Linda is battling cancer. But I had to be true to myself and my family and go with my heart, which was telling me that I needed to make some changes in my life. I had wonderful success at the Red Rooster and know that I could not have sold as well anywhere else. But I have really lost interest and all the moving and lugging was really taking a tole on me. I plan on being out by the 1st of September, and am having a 20% off sale in my room right now. So if you are in the Plymouth, WI area, go check it out!

Right now my heart is being tugged at by this little guy...
My gorgeous grandson, Jackson whom I babysit at least two days a week. He is the joy of my heart and I'd rather spend time with him than just about anything else!!

I also want to take more time to just enjoy my surroundings. I took this photo after a storm had just past over our farm, leaving us with this gorgeous sunset!

My husband has been very patient with me while I was making my decision. When we purchased our lake home, he gently suggested that I get out of the antique business. At that time I just wasn't ready...but now I am.

Hopefully we'll get to spend more time here...so relaxing!!!

Here's my skipper husband with his little first mate out on the lake in our pontoon boat!!

He is a very loving and patient grandpa!

It's not hard to accept a difficult decision when you have a very supportive family surrounding you. All my kids have been very patient with me as well, and let me take my time and supported me along the way!

More time for some summer fun!

I will continue to sell at my booth in the antique mall in Fond du Lac, WI....lots less stress and demand on me. Although sales are not near as good, but I guess you can't have everything!

I also have been having alot of fun with my Etsy shop!

Sales have been very good and I have been having a ball with it!! Something I can do from home and it gives me a good excuse to keep junking!!

And my last and final decision is to cut down on blogging, which I'm sure most of you have noticed already! It's been fun, but another one of those things that I feel is something that I could eliminate to make my life a little easier.

I hope to keep checking in now and then with my fave peeps to see what y'all got goin' on!

I don't think I can do this cold turkey!!!

Thanks so much for all the love and support I have received in the past!! I'm looking forward to seeing which window will be opened for me now that I've closed this door!

My best regards to all!



  1. It sure looks like you still have plenty of open doors and windows already! Jackson has grown so much. What a darling. Life just changes. Nice that you can just change with it. Best wishes for all you do!

  2. I know a lot about making decisions about how much and where to participate in the antiques business so while it isn;t easy when you come down to it you have to do what works for you and only you.

    best of luck and continued success in whatever you decide. I have kept my hand in by doing etsy and being at elkhorn so make it work for you!


  3. Julie I have enjoyed your blog and your Etsy shop. I do understand your decision and I wish you all the best. I have missed you here and I will miss you. I kept checking back to see if
    you were here. Jackson is adorable and has grown so much. I don't blame you for wanting to spend more time with him and your family.
    He will grow up so fast so please take my advice and do spend more time with him. I kept
    and still keep my twin grand daughters in the
    Summer while their parents work. I started keeping them when they were 5 weeks old and now they are 15 yr. old. I had all four of my grandchildren today. Three 15yr. olds and one
    9yr. old. I had fun with all of them. So yes you need to spend more time with Jackson...grandchildren are so much fun.
    Good luck to you Julie.


  4. I totally know where you're coming from, I too feel a need for change, I've been schlepping antiques for 20 years, the market in my town has dropped off and my other markets are 45 minutes away...who can afford the gas these days. I'm content to stay home and play with the chickens and make soap, we'll see how it goes for both of us...my Grandson is 23, so that is not in the cards, but have fun with your baby Granny, they're only young once! GOOD LUCK!

  5. Your grandson is adorable. Good for you for making the decision. We have missed you here but just assumed the summer had you busy. I'm glad you are enjoying your Etsy and still have a good reason to junk. We hope you do check in from time to time and share your finds. xoxo

  6. I know it had to be a tough decision but it sounds like the right one for you at this time in your life. Jackson just keeps getting cuter by the day and there's no explaining why your heart belongs to him!!
    Enjoy your family and your lake home. I'm hoping you post something once in awhile so we can keep up with what's going on in your life.
    Take care,

  7. OH Julie, I SO understand this! I remember when I left my booths, it was such a hard, but really right, decision for me. Etsy is much less demanding and even though we have our yearly Junk Bonanza sale, that may not be much longer either. So much that is really important is happening in our daily lives and we are answering that call! I babysat grandkids 2 days this week, too! I am not blogging as much either, just stopping by once in awhile to say hi when I have something to share...I hope you will stop by and say hi on your blog once in a while, too! Enjoy your sweet little Jackson and your family, my friend!

  8. I'm sure you'll find you made a good decision. Sometimes we put so much stress on ourselves and we need to take a few steps back. Jackson is growing up so fast...what an adorable little boy he is.
    As long as you can still get your junkin' fix, you'll be fine. I know I'd never be able to stop that. I hope you continue to check in from time to time and I'll be watching for newsy news. Hugs!!!

  9. How wonderful that you are doing what is right for you!!!!! Good luck on your new path! Change is good I say:)

    ps...i'm having a little give-away on my blog. Stop on by if you get a minute:)

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