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Friday, November 5, 2010

WHAT A WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did anyone out there miss me?!? I sure missed you!! This has been such a crazy, busy week that I don't know where to begin! After recuperating from my last antique show, I had to dig in to my kitchen remodel project and empty out all my cabinets ~ what a job that was!!! My kitchen was completely gutted last Friday and I now have a stove and frig, but no countertops to cook on -- awww shucks!! Then our Christmas open house was this past Weds. evening and I was wrapped up in prep for that too!!! But it all turned out great in the end and thanks to my buddy Jeanine from Chippy Shabby who saved the day for me and let me "steal" her pics from her blog since I didn't get any of my own!!!! This was my favorite vignette in my room, and Jeanine nabbed these sweet little windows! Check out her blog and see what other goodies she came home with!!
I don't think the store has ever looked so pretty & I'm sad I didn't get some pictures. Oh well, the story of my life I guess!!!

We had an amazing turnout with a very steady flow all night which makes all the hard work worthwhile!!

Another scene from my room with a glimpse at the mob of people--I'll admit it was quite a rush!!

Here's a shot of me and the owner's daughter, Kate busy as little bees behind the check-out!!
Thanks once again to Jeanine for helping me out with these pictures! I almost cried when I turned my camera on and saw mine weren't there!!!!

So, please forgive my lack of posts, but my life was spinning out of control there for awhile! I will keep you posted on the kitchen project. We are at a standstill waiting for the plumber right now--kinda frustrating I will admit, but I'm trying to be patient. After all, I've waited 30 years for this!!

It's good to be back!!!


  1. Congratulations on your successful sale! It looks like you had quite the crowd.
    Good luck with the kitchen redo...looking forward to seeing pictures.

  2. I did miss you...always love your posts!

  3. Yes, I missed you, stopped by a couple of times! Sounds like you have had a full and busy life going on! Your sale looks great~ such a lovely pic of you, too!

  4. Hi, Julie. So glad the sale was successful! Don't sweat the pics. Enjoy the kitchen remodel. We are not going anywhere! Have a great weekend.


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