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Monday, January 17, 2011

Bartering ~ How did I do???

While working at the Red Rooster on Sunday, which I have to do a couple days a month, the lady from the antique store next door expressed a great interest in the gorgeous photo album I had for sale in my space. She asked what my best price was and I told her what I could do on it. She then told me she would think about it. We got to talking about some of the things I've been looking for and collect and I told her I would be interested in bartering. Well....after some discussion these are what she came up with.....
5 adorable little bitty oil cans!!

~ and this beautiful pincushion and 2 sweet little strawberry emeries, which I also collect! I was excited when she showed me these because after reading the post that Julian did from Tallulah's Antique Closet, which you can read about HERE I knew I wanted to find more!!
She then showed me these antique pin balls, which she claims are very old. Has anyone ever seen these or know anything about them? I find them very folk artsy and interesting?

She included these in the deal too!
I found this version on Ebay and thought it looked a little similar. If anyone has anymore information about these, let me know. I am very curious to learn more.
I hope I did well on my bartering trade! I feel satisfied with what I came away with and I guess that's really all that matters! :)

A little while later, my friend Katherine came over to the shop from her shop across the street (Fibber McGees) and brought me my belated birthday gift!! When I opened the little wooden box ~ I nearly squeeled with delight!
Isn't it darling?!? She bought it from my friend Jeanine of Chippy Shabby at one of her sales and said Jeanine told her I would love it! Well, Jeanine, you were so right ~ I DO!!!!!!!!!!!

I love little surprises like this!

Hope you have a great week and there's still time to enter my giveaway!!!


  1. What terrific new goodies...I think bartering is such a great way to make two people happy! The birthday gift is wonderful too!!

  2. S U R P R I S E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Belated BiRthDaY Wishes Julie... Glad you loved the box!!! Shopped the Rooster on SATURDAY - bought 2 of your tole trays...
    Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!

  3. The little thread box is charming.I love the "instant"collection of the tiny oilers.If you're happy that's what matters.It's always fun to barter I do it alot at shows and fleamarket.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  4. Julie I think you did quiet well. I have several of the oil cans myself so I really
    think you did good. I love your box you got
    for your birthday. I may have to start a new
    collection....strawberry pin cushions. I love
    those but I don't ever remember seeing any in
    all my junk hunting. I will have to pay closer
    attention. I do collect sewing items.

  5. Julie I forgot to tell you that the knitted
    balls are unusual but I don't know why but
    they remind me of the late 70's or 80's. We
    made rag balls back then, maybe they were
    making knitted ones too. They are really neat and colorful.

  6. Good deal! Wish I lived up your way. judy

  7. How fun to barter to get the goodies you love! It's always a great day when you get a birthday gift.

  8. What a great barter! You ended up with some nice treasures. I love your belated BDay gift! Awesome!

  9. You're an inspiration, b/c I'm afraid to barter! Love your blog....I'm a new follower!


  10. No money changing hands - what a lovely way to do business. You both must be happy with the exchange for it to work, and you both are so it's a good deal.
    The cotton box is very cute. xx

  11. Bartering is a lot of fun and you can both get what you want! I once traded a quilt for three great old wood screen doors...Love all those wonderful oil cans and what a special birthday surprise!


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