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Thursday, February 24, 2011

The lust for rust!

It seems like everything I've listed on Etsy lately that has even the smallest amount of rust was snatched up right away!
These keys sold in about 15 minutes!!
I must say they were pretty cute!
These chippy, crusty hinges sold pretty fast too!

Notice a common theme here?

scratched and beat up...


crusty and rusty...

and aged to a perfect patina!

Every item pictured, but the scale are items I've sold recently on Etsy. The common element is that worn look us junk lovers, hunters and sellers are drawn to.
The lust for rust is the tie that binds us junkers together!
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  1. Julie...I too love the rust...Some of my friends just "dont get it!" I tell them you are either born with rust in your veins or not...I was blessed to be a little rusty, dusty, peely, scrappy, junky, etc. Keep on junkin'! The Cranky Queen

  2. There is sort of no explaining it! I'm wild for all this stuff. I just don't have time to do much with it right now! Good thing it looks terrific just "being there".

  3. Love it! But did you ever notice that people who lived during the era these pieces were in use turn up their noses at them? I always wonder what will be the hot items when I am in my 80's------ipods, stainless flatware, blueray dvd's, cell phones....

  4. Don't you feel sorry for the ones that just don't "get it"?


  5. The other thing they have in common? They're all really cool! The design and form appeals to the artistic and creative eye. A special group of people I'd say. And yes, I'm proud to be a member of the Rusty Crusty Club.

  6. This is right up my alley! Love it all!

  7. Wonderful goodies...I can see why they sold right away!!

  8. Love it all!!!
    That is so funny "sorry for the ones that don't get it"
    I agree!!!

  9. I sell rusty old iron at my shop and have for years. One year I decided to get a booth at the fleamarket however it was one of those fleamarkets that sold sock, sunglasses...you know the kind anyway I remember on guy saying....I throw stuff like that away....I said to him .....where do you live and when are you throwing more away. He just didn't get it but aren't you glad to find it when they don't.
    Ps...what a pretty blog!

  10. The more chippy the better!!! lol! Love it all! Headed over to check out your goodies in your Etsy shop now! :)

    xoxo laurie

  11. You got it girl...rusty, chippy, worn...
    Lovin it all!
    Congrats on your etsy success!
    Tammy :-)

  12. Fun stuff, especially like the keys with the star holes, very unique!

  13. So true! I said "love" to each and every pic=)!!

  14. I love it all, especially the keys. I think we're all drawn to the "real" stuff and not the reproductions we see so often. You just can't fake the good old stuff!

  15. I've got the "lust for rust" and you've found some great treasures! I'm following now to see what you find next!!!

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