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Saturday, June 12, 2010

I Went Back for More!!

Today is cool, cloudy and still wet from yesterday's rain. So I decided to stay home today and see what I could get accomplished~~some cleaning, some crafting, some baking and of course some blogging!!! While also doing some sorting and going through some of my latest finds, I realized--WOW! I've really aquired some very cool stuff lately! On Thursday I went back to my friend Joann's to pick something up I bought at her sale and I ended up buying some more great JUNK from her! The item I needed to pick up was this awesome cupola!! I LOVE IT!!!Rusted to perfection! I also talked her out of the little tricycle that was in her yard!


She gave me a great deal on all this silver~~$20 for all!!!

I had been looking for an old cupboard to put on top of a grubby bench I have on my deck. Thought this one fit the bill perfectly! I think I may need to put a shelf in it though???

I mentioned awhile ago that she was getting rid of her picnic tin collection...

and here they are in all their glory!!
Stack #1

Stack #2

This one is so sweet I can hardly stand it!!

Stack #3 and my finger!!

I don't mean to brag here, but I've really been hitting the JACKPOT lately!
I guess it's just luck or being at the right place at the right time! But I sure am happy with my great finds!

I also went to an estate sale yesterday that was truly a JUNKER'S paradise!! Lots of "guy" stuff~ but sometimes that can be a good thing!
Stay tuned for that post next!!


  1. Whoa, doggies!! as we say down south. I think I'd like to get aquainted with your friend, Joann! Good goin', girl.

  2. Hi Julie. Thanks so much for your sweet words. This is my first visit to your blog and I can tell we have a lot in common. Even having a grandson named Jackson, though mine in spelled Jaxson. You found a treasure trove for sure. Love that old barn cupola.



  3. OH MY GOSH Julie...fabulous finds! I can't believe all the wonderful picnic baskets! Are you keeping them for a personal collection? Wonderful cupola~ a totally different style than the one we found... You HAVE been hitting the jackpot lately!!

  4. She got rid. Of her whole. Picnic basket collection???!!! Sorry, I couldn't say that all in one sentence. Oh my goodness, you lucky girl! I collect those, and can't imagine ever wanting to part with them. Well now YOU have a fabulous collection! And that cupola looks amazing in your garden!

  5. Yowza Julie...it's a junkin' jubilee up in your neighborhood. I love seeing all your great finds!

  6. Just a note from me--people are asking if the picnic tins are for sale? Of course they are!! If anyone is interested in any--let me know! Thanks for askin', Julie

  7. Julie, I don't know why the follower gadget won't work for you...that's weird. The problem I've found with blogger is there is no one to help when you have trouble. Thanks for trying!!

  8. Great stuff!!!
    You made out like a bandit!

    To answer your question, I skipped first grade because I could already read and write at an advanced level. I started out really, really smart, and it's been all downhill ever since! ;-)

  9. Great finds!!!! I found you through Linda's blog!!! you did hit the jackpot girl!

  10. Oh I'm lovin' my visit here!

    thanks for such a great blog

    barbara jean


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