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Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Cubbie Quest!

I went to one of my favorite shops on Friday (Gold 'n Country in Weyauwega, Wi) It's almost a guarantee that I'll find something there at a reasonable price. My finds for the day included 2 great old clocks-one of which I pictured here. Broken, but can use them for projects like a display case or picture frame. A nice old bird cage, a gorgeous mirror and picture frame in old gold, old books and this adorable cubbie/shelf!!Ever since Anne from Fiona & Twig did her cubbie post, I've been on the hunt, searching for the perfect one!! I have a couple small ones to tide me over for now--I think this one is pretty darn cute, actually!
I'm having fun filling it up!

I used to have this one in my kitchen, but I've since moved it into my computer room (my youngest daughter's old bedroom).
Wonderful old paint!!

This is just a soda crate that I picked up for $1-

But it serves a usefull purpose!

Just right for little "what nots"!!
I'm looking for a BIG one-big enough to set on the floor or on a tabletop.

Painted would be ok like this one...
(photo found in one of my books)
Natural and tall would be VERY ok like this one!!

(photo found on the web)

Then the mother of all cubbies...this one haunts my dreams since I found it on the web!!!

This entire kitchen is just amazing!! How gorgeous is that cupboard in the background?? LOVE IT!!!!!

I will keep looking until I find the right one, because as they say, "the thrill is in the hunt"!!

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  1. The kitchen in the last image is gorgeous Julie and I love your $1 soda crate, it looks fantastic. Good luck in your search for the perfect one! xx

  2. Love your cubbies. I especially love the one in the last photo. I've seen soda crates used in different ways but yours is my favorite. Good luck finding the cubbie.

  3. I love cubbies too. The one you found this weekend is fabulous. I have a large cubby that hangs in my studio. When I brought it home from an antique store my husband just groaned but now he admits it's one of his favorite pieces too!

  4. I love Gold 'n Country! I was just telling a friend about it last night when she was admiring something I found there. My sis-in-law in New London has taken me there several times. (Not sure I could find it on my own.)
    Your cubbies are great. I see them at shops and shows but never at a price that I can afford. I dream of walking into the basement at an estate sale sometime and coming out with one at a really cheap price. Maybe someday.


  5. Great finds! Love your newest cubby and your other aqua one, too! I really love the big ones!!! How fun would they be?! Now I need one, but maybe not till my 1 year old is old enough to leave all the goodies inside of it alone! I do have a medium sized one, but can never find a good place to put it, but now you've inspired me to find a place!

  6. I have cubby envy! I love that chippy blue one you have, and I also would love to find a BIG one. It would be so much fun finding just the right things to go in it too!
    Happy Monday!

  7. I love your cubbies~ I'd love to find a big one, too!

  8. I want that Mother of All Cubbies as well, can you imagine all the fun things you could store in that "Mother Hubbard Cupboard"! You could just walk by and be inspired by the things you would have stored there.


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