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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Vintage Lamps

I've had the good fortune to have found some wonderful vintage lamps at some of the sales I've been to lately. I especially love the pottery-style lamps like this beautiful green one.The detail is truly lovely! I picked up this "naked" shade and think it's kinda fun! I probably will cover it with something eventually...I've seem them done with vintage lace and think that may be the way to go!
Such a deep, rich green!!

I LOVE this one-curvy and sweet! It's probably my most favorite that I've ever found!!

I have this urn style lamp for sale at The Red Rooster.

...and this one too--an Alladin I do believe.

Creamy and wonderful!

Deep red floral and gold--also at The Red Rooster!

Multi-colored floral and gold~~So pretty!

Hand painted roses on this column lamp~~Very shabby!

Lamps are a big seller at the store--especially in the winter and spring! I can't seem to keep them around for long, so I try to always be on the hunt for some pretty ones!!
Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


  1. Those first two lamps just kill me they are so fabulous! I sure like your junkin, Julie! Jacqueline

  2. Wow, Julie~ you really HAVE had great lamp finds! And I love your shade frame, too!

  3. Great finds Julie, My favourite is the urn style! xx

  4. Those first two are my favorites also...very pretty!!


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