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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tarnished Black!

I love the look of things that have naturally evolved from their original finish into the tarnished, darkened patina of age! I have a few pieces of old silver that I have no intention of polishing~~ I love them just the way they are! Like this sweet little cup, perhaps belonged to a child long ago.....
and the sugar bowl missing it's mate...I think more lovely blackend than shiny! I think they call this "poor man's silver"!
So much more charm with the look of everyday use!

I went to a great sale this morning and found these amazing whisks!!! A little hard to tell but they are huge, and I love their look of age!

Found all these little tin items too~~~aged to perfection!

Showing off my tarnished blacks with the French Cupboard for Vintage Black Friday! Check out all the others sharing in the fun and celebrating the love of black!


  1. Hi Julie~ lovely pieces! I LOVE black silver, especially pieces with all the decoration!

  2. Great finds!! Wish me luck tomorrow!

  3. LoVe the ViNtaGe BiRdiE Cookie Cutter!*!*! Jeanine, ChiPPY!-SHaBBy!

  4. I agree. I love how things with patina look. So much personality:)
    Blog; Capers of the vintage vixens

  5. That sugar bowl is wonderful! Happy VBF!

  6. I agree with you about the great look of tarnished items. When it's natural, it's so--full of personality, isn't it?

  7. I, too, love to leave some of my silver pieces tarnished. I have silverware that I love to use on my tablescapes but some people have a hard time using them that way. I love them. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Hi Julie,
    I'm likin' the picture on the wall of the little girl feeding ducks. That's black, too :) Happy VBF~

  9. I, too love when silver gets that tarnished black look. Only with time can you get that look.

    Take care andenjoy your weekend,


  10. Love ALL these pieces....can't get enough of old silver and galvinize!
    Happy VBF!

  11. great stuff and I also love the tarnished look (which is imperfection to it's finest!)

    Great blog

  12. VBF and tarnished silver were meant for each other!! A wonderful pair indeed!



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