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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Another "Lucky Me" Sale!

While driving to go tweek my space at The Red Rooster this afternoon, I was pleasantly diverted by a huge yard sale sign!! I have been to this couple's sales before and have always done real well! I guess my streak is still going strong!! Do you hate me yet?!?These amazing baskets were sitting just outside the big shed where the sale was being held. Which one do you think I bought?
This isn't the greatest picture, but I didn't get permission to take pictures, so I was trying to be quick and sneaky!! I am in major LOVE with this wonderful gathering basket that I chose from the group! I think I need to keep it at least through the fall season, since it will be great to put a huge bunch of bittersweet in or a vintage wool blanket!!!
I am really starting to think "fall" and am looking for warmer tones and autumn-type pieces.
I think this little honey-colored stool really fits the bill! {By the way-those amazing shutter/doors you see in the background were found at the barn sale last weekend} SCORE!!!!!
My basket has already moved right into my living room!!

My brother and his wife have the BEST home-grown bittersweet and are always generous enough to share with me!

Also found this darling vintage spice set--the graphics are so sweet!

Now how's this for shabby?

Darling tole painted magazine rack!*!*!

Fun pie server/rack with old enamel pans ... and a pumpkin thrown in for fun!

I have been stashing away most of the goodies I've been finding lately! I have a flea market coming up in about 3 weeks {see my sidebar for details} And I also do an antique show every Oct. that really features alot of prims and Halloween. I think I'm off to a great start!

I hope my luck holds out for a little while longer--my daughter and I are heading out again tomorrow morning! Wish me more luck!


  1. LOVE them all, like always, Julie~ it's so fun to see what you find! I've only found a few little things this week!

  2. What great finds and they all fit in nicely for the Fall Season. Good luck at the Flea Market!


  3. Hi Julie,
    Wonderful finds!! Looked like a great sale. I haven't done much junkin of any kind this week. Unfortunately I've been too busy at work. I'm going to a flea market next weekend so I hope the weather is good and the deals are better!

  4. You live a blessed life!! Wonderful finds! I wish I could come to the shows.

  5. Those shutters are amazing, and that basket really needed to come home with you! I can definitely see lots of bittersweet in it!

  6. I thought you were going to say you bought all of them! They are all great. Good choice.

  7. OMG I absolutely love your blog and all of your finds!!! Screaming jealous!!!! I would love to take a trip up to see your spots!!


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