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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Craft Room Re-arranging

I finally found the ambition to do some cleaning and re-arranging in my craft room. It's been terribly hot and humid here, so it takes some extra doing for me to round up any ambition at all!! But this room desperately needed some attention! So on the two hottest days of the summer thus far (crazy - I know!) I finally got around to getting some badly-needed cleaning finished!! I didn't add anything new, I just moved around the stuff I've accumulated and gave it a new look!!I've been collecting vintage garden items for awhile now and have fun showing them off!
I'm always on the hunt for more things to add to my collection! You can never have enough flower frogs!!

The inside of the bottom seed box is prettier, but the top one is divided--easier to display my vintage seed packets.

I purchased the cute yellow watering can from my friend Jeanine of Chippy-Shabby
at one of her fabulous sales several years ago. It's a keeper!!

I moved this cute little cupboard to a different wall and hung my repro penny rug above it. I really love the way this all came together!!

This is the spot where I do alot of my photo shoots ~ the sunlight in here is perfect!

I love this ironstone tureen! I think it needs to stick around for awhile ~ lots of display possibilities! Like ornaments at Christmas time!

Sepia-toned vignette!

I bought this jar of tomato pincushions on Etsy - so fun! Made the baby shoe one and the other one is old. I think my pincushions are my favorite collection! Have I mentioned that before!?!

Cute little what-not shelf!

Added this architectural piece to my clock shelf.

I would have liked to participate in the Where Bloggers Create party, but I just didn't have my act together in time! I'm also looking for a few key pieces in this room yet. So maybe when it all finally comes together, I will do a complete showing!!

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  1. The work is a little easier when you have such great stuff to move around!! I'm guilty of playing instead of working though...don't make much progress that way!

  2. Julie~ I just LOVE everything! I wish I could walk around and just look at all your goodies! We are kindred spirits, girl!

  3. It's always so rewarding to SEE the results of re-arranging!*!*! Still Love the Flower Seed Advertising Sign of yours - GREAT FIND!!! Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!

  4. What a beautiful space. You have so many wonderful vintage items displayed and you have such a knack for creating perfect vignettes. I would feel totally at home in that room.

  5. I can't decide which grouping looks best. I love them all! You have such a knack for putting things together. I especially love your seed boxes.

    Jackson gets cuter in every picture. Love that smile.

  6. What a lovely space to create in! Love the architectural pieces, the clocks and all the gardening goodies! The tureen is such a great display piece! I think I need one!

  7. Your displays in your craft room are lovely. All the garden items are perfect together. Would love to see the whole room sometime!

  8. If I ever came to your house, you'd have to check my pockets on the way out. Love it all!

  9. What a lovely and inspiring craft room you have! I love your whatnot shelves, the little putz sheep, and strawberry pincushions in the jar, the green picnic baskets, the flower-frogs... so many many things caught my eye. Really nice!!!

  10. LOVE all your great garden goodies, seed boxes are the best, but getting so hard to find!! Your new vignettes are wonderful!


I truly appreciate each and every word!! Thanks for stopping by!!

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