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Monday, May 17, 2010

Elkhorn Flea Market

After not being at the Elkhorn Flea Market for about 3 years, I had forgotten what an excellent one it was!! No Junk--at least not the tacky kind!! Only the kind we love & crave! Here are some of my favorite things I spotted. I love the way the dealer displayed all the vintage items on this shelf...and I loved the color! So~~it came home with me!!
This cast iron urn and base were amazing--but $325- was a little too steep for me!!

I debated about buying this sign for my hubs to put up in our barn somewhere...but I didn't think he'd appreciate my humor!!

Why is all the cool stuff always marked SOLD?!?

I made my way to the animal barns first in search of my blogging "peeps". And on the way I ran into the Iowa Junk Gypsies. Their double booth was full of unusual, gardeny stuff~with a sorta botanical-like feel to it! I loved their displays.

One of the things on my to look for list was a dress form, and these gals had one, but while I was hemming and hawing some other lady came along and bought it!! Oh well, snooze and you lose!!

Very pretty garden items vignette! It was great to meet these talented ladies!

Then in the cattle barn I got to meet Joan of Anything Goes Here!

Her booth was chuck-full of cool, very creative stuff she made with vintage items. I bought one of her unusual photo holders~will post about that next time!
Joan was a super-nice lady and am so glad I took the time to stop and chat for a bit! She was very busy and flitted around like a little bird, and her almost empty booth proved how successful this show was for her!!! Great meeting you Joan!!

Next, in another barn I got to meet Jan of Gracie's Cottage and I think I found a new, true blogging friend~~one of only a couple I know from Wisconsin!!!!

Her booth was so fun and I LOVED her displays like this big scoop full of paper shreds and doorknobs~~Just loved this!!

She also had clever "SOLD" tags using scrabble tiles~~way cute!!

I purchased a bunch of black letter tiles from her--very graphic and fun!!
Will be using them in some future projects!
I look forward to getting to know Jan better and hope to see her again at some more shows!!

My next post will be about the stuff I brought home with me and the vignettes I put together to share them with you!
Until then....happy junkin'


  1. Oh, what fun!! I love your green shelf!

  2. This looks like a great venue, love that green shelf you snagged. All the spaces were full of great stuff, can't wait to see all you brought home!

  3. Looks like such a fun sale, Julie...and LOVE that great shelf!

  4. Thank you SO much for taking the time to stop by Julie! Love your shelf. I spotted that "manure" sign when I ran by that building and thought it was a hoot.


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