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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Weekend Whites!!!

My husband & I spent this past weekend at our lake cottage, which was thoroughly enjoyable and very relaxing!! But after we got all our work done with the yard and getting the boat in and all cleaned up, we decided to go for a drive on Sunday afternoon. My hubs was such a sweetie and took me to one of my favorite antique malls about 20 minutes from our cottage! For you "locals" this mall is located in a cute little town called Pardeeville! This mall was recently taken over by new owners and they have turned it into a very appealing, well-kept mall with great dealers!! I chose this mall because they have lots of vintage hunting and fishing stuff and thought my hubs would find a few interesting things~~He was such a trooper!! He was kinda excited when he found a vintage hand-held pinball game that he had as a kid, so I bought it for him as a reward for being so patient with me!!! Actually these 2 pieces of ironstone were found at my friend Joann's sale and I thought I'd share some up-close pics of these beauties! I found the baby shoes at the mall though and they have such a sweet, scuffed-up patina!

Even though this tureen is missing it's cover, I still love it and think it will be awesome to change it up with seasonal displays! I envision it full of vintage Christmas ornaments~

These sweet pieces came from the mall and the green transferware was found in my favorite booth!!! I will be posting about this gorgeous booth real soon!!
Most of the booths there were quite primitive & lodgey, so this booth was very refreshing!

We've been looking for old lures to do a shadow box display for our cottage and picked up this lot. Some to keep and some to sell!

As always~I'm drawn to pottery and you can never have enough frogs!!

I'm linking up with Kathleen of Faded Charm for White Wednesday and chose my favorite whites from this past weekend's treasure hunts!!
Happy White Wednesday & thanks for stopping by!!


  1. Love the flowerpots and the green transferware...I never find any of it here.

  2. Love your ironstone pieces, they are just wonderful!!! I can think of 200 uses for the tureen even if it's missing the lid!!!

  3. Great finds...the lures are wonderful!

  4. What a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I love your finds especially the tureen! xx

  5. great finds, love the lures.
    I am so lucky that my husband loves the shopping as much as I do. He is my best shopping partner.
    Have fun with your lake cottage this summer

  6. Your lake cottage sounds wonderful! I love lake-y, lodge-y decor. And the mall sounds like a good one. Good to relax and get away from it all. Love that no-lid tureen.

  7. That Pardeeville mall is wonderful, isn't it? I haven't been there in awhile and you are making me want to go back soon! Great finds!


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