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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Favorite Booth at Pardeeville Antique Mall

At a recent visit to one of my favorite malls in Pardeeville, WI~ I fell in love with one booth in particular. It was full of shabby pretties, gorgeous ironstone and transferware~~~ Lots of eye candy to behold!!I love Ironstone~~who doesn't??? I love this display in these cubbies!

My second love~transferware!!
A breath of fresh air in a rather primitive mall!

Fun and games!

Love all this!

Love the chicken wire on the old door to display vintage photos!

This booth had pretty business cards on display with the name "Sadie "N Stella"! How cute is that?!? I don't think it was a shop, just the name this particular dealer went by! I couldn't take my eyes off of it all~~~and meanwhile, my husband was getting antsy!!
Oh well, I can always go back by myself someday for another look!*!*!

Until next time.....


  1. You have great taste, that would be my favorite booth, too!

  2. Look at all those goodies...I love the bingo cage, and the transferware looked gorgeous in the wire basket!

  3. Great pictures and a fun booth! SadienStella is a fellow etsy seller and twitter follower. Check out her etsy shop!

  4. Ironstone is gorgeous and that booth has so much eye candy! How lovely. xx

  5. I just got a note from Gracie's Cottage to check your site. I am so thrilled that you liked my space at Pardeeville and were so thoughtful to post some pictures! You made my day~~and many more:) My favorite part of the whole process is when I receive nice feedback like yours and know that others enjoy adding vintage treasures to their homes. Best Regards

  6. Shoot! I'm looking for small pieces of white ironstone like that! Why didn't you pick me up girl? Thanks for all the photos - such a great booth - lots of lovlies, Jennifer pop ove to jennsthreegraces


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