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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Elkhorn Flea Finds!

I'll have to admit that I had a BLAST at the Elkhorn flea market on Sunday! I haven't been to this market in awhile, so I had some makin' up to do! I found lots of little treasures~ some to sell and some to keep! I love the shape of these finials.
funky hat~pottery~and ric-rac in lovely vintage packaging!

I purchased this beautiful picture frame tray from Iowa Junk Gypsies
I absolutely love it!!!

I made a few big splurges just for me!

Just like the L'Oreal commercial says "because I'm worth it"!!
Two more cast iron doorstops to add to my collection~~Oh, I'm so naughty!!
...and this gorgeous seed box too!!! The inside is in the best, most beautiful condition I've ever seen!!

I am in heaven!

Does anyone besides me wanna go here?!?

Tiles I bought from Jan.


Architectural finds

Just having fun!

Bought this clever photo holder from Joan

Lovely littles~~~

Now I just need to find the perfect cubbie to display all this little stuff!

This concludes our tour for today. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!!!

Next up~the great rummage sale I stumbled upon on my way home! WOW!!


  1. Wonderful finds, Julie- I especially love the finials, the anagrams, and the little black transferware pitcher...OH I just love it all!

  2. Love your Treasures, the finials are My Favorite.... Your Blog & Photos are looking Great!

  3. I just love your blog...all the stuff you show and the things you buy could live nicely at my house. Thanks for sharing your good stuff!!

  4. My gosh, look at all your wonderful finds! Love the finials, and the seed box and the...okay, all of it! Just lovely!


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