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Friday, January 29, 2010

Just a Lazy Winter Day

Some days are just "lazier" than others and today, I decided, was one of them. I spend 3-4 hrs. each morning doing barn chores (yes, we live on a real, bonafide dairy farm) then I have the mid-day hours to myself. Some days I have REAL work to do, errands to run and Weds. are usually my days to "Tweek" my room at the Red Rooster. But today I'm gonna just do "me" stuff...like check out my favorite blogs!!~And after I get a few things done around the house (unloading the dishwasher, sweeping and a little dusting) I'm gonna sit myself down to a few of my favorite things. I love me a GOOD cup of coffee with something sweet and these Lindor truffles are just sinful! I allow myself 2 a day. Then I'm going to pop in a great old movie and my choice for today is my favorite EVER~~To Kill a Mockingbird, which my daughter gave me for Christmas. I will probably get some sewing or crafting done as well so it's not a totally "wasted" day. My summers are usually CRAZY busy~so winter is my "down-time" After my daughter has her baby in April I will be babysitting 2 days a week-then my life will really change!! So I need me a "lazy day"now and then!!!

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