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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Post Christmas

These 2 pictures are of my mother at age 5 and 16 (sorry about the glare) I tried taking them at different angles but didn't succeed in doing them justice. She was just adorable in her little coat, hat and stockings. In the photo where she's 16 she's drinking a coke on a park bench--she's such a vogue poser!!

The pic on the left shows her a couple years ago at 78. She's a great-looking white haired lady who still likes to vogue a bit!! I love my mommy!

Kept these items on my hearth... am enjoying the feeling of spring that they lend. The darling mini angel bird bath was purchased from Linda at the Red Rooster....sometimes it's dangerous for me to work in there!!!!

I love angel garden statuary. I also have one outside, buried in the snow...just as lovely though.
My house is looking a little "naked" now that the most of my Christmas is packed away for another year...So sad to see it all go!! In need of some inspiration-I've been looking at some old favorite magazine clippings (which I have boxes of!!) and reading blogs of some very talented women. Am also planning a day trip of Junking with my gal pals Linda & Katherine next Tues. Hoping for some inspiring discoveries along the way for both my home and to sell. Maybe I'll get some new pics to post as well!

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