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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


We had a dandy snow storm here in Wisconsin yesterday and I thought "what can I accomplish today?" or better yet-what do I FEEL like accomplishing today? How about blogging and furniture re-arranging?! So I decided to do some more cleaning and re-arranging in my craft room. Sounded good to me at first, but my back sure was aching at the end of it all!! It's not so much just moving stuff around in that room--but I opened a can of worms when I decided to take a few things from other rooms as well! Geesh!! After all was said and done I was very pleased with the outcome!
One of my many pincushions on top of...

my many picnic tins. These are all empty, but am thinking they could perhaps be used for storage if needed.

My craft table~~actually looks pretty good. Sometimes it's almost "invisible"!!

Hauled this beast in from my kitchen. I needed more storage and it wasn't being utilized with anything too important in there, so I now have crafting supplies in it. Put some outdoorsy-gardeny stuff on it to go with this garden theme I've got going on in this room.

My sewing corner. Love the nice light that comes in here in the morning.

This is my corner for reading, hand-sewing and TV watching. I'm not in love with this chair, but it works fine for now. The denim is actually pretty durable. Don't you love the light I have pouring into this room? I love being in here, especially in the A.M. (and at night when the hubs is watching the hunting channel or sports!!)

I really got alot done yesterday (explains why I was so tired last night)! Got some long-lost projects done and finally got around to starting this poor dilapidated wicker table. It's got good bones and a nice look-but it leans a little to the left!! Just adds to its charm. So I decided to decoupage the top...

with some vintage apple pictures from an old garden catalog. I think I like it!! Until the next snow day~~

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