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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Best Friend--St. Vinny!!

St. Vinny has proven to be one of my best friends lately!! I discovered one about 40 miles south of me that had 50% off the entire store on Sat.!!! The place was a zoo and I didn't get there until 11:00! Found lots of pretty smalls including these hobnail milk glass vases and the darling little heart shaped ring box~~
Also found this delicate porcelain flower basket. You can tell it was handmade because there are fingerprints on the petals and leaves!!

One of my major weaknesses is children's things and I found this adorable handpainted dolly dresser. Just love the little ducks pulling the bunnies!! I was feeling venturesome on Sat.--and I ended up in Beaver Dam at their antique mall after hitting the thrift store. That's where I found the dresser and the sweet vintage rosary~~~

as well as the old framed photograph and the soft felt Easter egg--gonna try to make some of these. I also stumbled on a real cute shop called The Dusty Attic. The shop owner was a real nice lady and after we got to chatting, I discovered to my delight that she's been in our store!!
This is a good hour or more drive for her...but she spoke of it fondly!! Ahhh, music to my ears!!

The gorgeous vintage hat and mirror were from her shop. It may seem sinful, but I'm considering cutting the flowers off this hat for some craft projects!! The color of them is so soft and perfect for embellishing!*!

I got this vintage fan for a song...and don't you just adore this little mirror?
I thought I needed these grocery store tulips to bring some spring into my day!!

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