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Saturday, February 27, 2010


I thought I needed at least a partial day out of the house after being cooped up for 4 days at home being sick! So I ventured out to tweek my booth at the mall and look around a little bit. This mall is not very big-maybe 25 dealers or so, but their are a few good ones that I always am drawn to. I found this lovely cherub picture with the sweetest fat babies!!

some sheet music for $1- a piece...

A vintage photo album in as is condition, but with several good pages to use for art projects.

an Audubon bird book with lovely pictures.

A darling child's reader again with wonderful pictures!

I actually wonder if the bitty one was a dollie purse?!? I paid $20 for this one (ouch!!) but I just had to have it!!! Am going to try to make necklaces out of these when I find the right old chain.

Fabulous architectural pedestals/bases!!! These belonged to Frannie, the manager of the mall. She is the sweetest lady~~Very knowledgeable & always gives me great deals~~She loves me!!

Then before I had no energy left...I dashed off to an estate sale run by another lady I've known for a few years now and always gives me good deals~~I think she loves me too!! Sweet red and white restaurant china that I just love and a wonderful oval mirror with aged silver...ME LIKEY!!!

Don't know the maker of this pottery-but I like it! Darling creamers...

My fave---pincushions!!!... and a brightly colored towel with butterflies!

An awesome assortment of vintage buttons!! Love the metal ones in front--kinda snowflakey and spider-webby!! Great for projects!

Also got a cute little hutch that needs a white paint job and 2 concrete planters that I didn't picture~~they are still in the back of my van-sorta heavy but fabulous!!
All in all I think a pretty successful day!

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  1. I'd sure say you had a successful day! Wonderful finds! Looks like such a fun day!!


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