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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


My name is Julie...and I'm a "junkaholic"
There was no "light bulb moment" or sudden revelation with this admission. I've known for years that I have a serious addiction to junk!!
I hunt for it, dig for it, lug it, accumulate it, repurpose and resurrect it. Sometimes I set it free to a good home or greedily hoarde it for myself. I've had cuts, bruises, sprained fingers, and aching muscles because of it.

My heart races with anticipation when I pull up to an estate or garage sale...when I wait in line to get my number at an auction...or when I walk through the gate at a flea market!

Some people would read this and say "you have a serious problem"!! But they just don't get it! I'm comforted by the thought that I'm not alone. All my kindred spirits can relate to this feeling of which I speak. I want no drug and there is no cure---Just a good JUNK FIX!! It puts peace in my mind and contentment in my soul knowing that I'm doing what I love!!!

Junk...it does a body good!!!


  1. Hi Julie- this virus has made its way to me, too!

  2. I LOVE Junking and love the shops and auctions like you do..We have now moved to a town where there is NOTHING..no rummage sales..no auctions..not even a store for me to buy fabric or crafting supplies...have to drive 90 miles to find anything and that just wears you out, especially when you don't know where anything is. I really miss my Junking addiction so think of me when you are junking and grab something in my memory :)
    Hop on over to my blog when you can but don't wait to long...I am having a give away and it ends soon.
    Have a great SP Day


I truly appreciate each and every word!! Thanks for stopping by!!

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