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Sunday, March 14, 2010


In trying to keep myself busy lately, have been focusing on trying new projects and using up stufff that I have accumulated over the years~~and stuff that I've recently found too!
Like this iron trivet~~made a cute backdrop for this collage.

This pincushion was made in a sugar bowl that I got as a birthday gift from my friend--so it may be a "keeper"!

...sad this bible verse turned out so blurry, but it says "increase our faith"...

Sewing collage in an old hanky box. The old newspaper I've been using is so old it's almost "crispy"--so delicate I have to handle it with care!

I had this beautiful platter for sale at the store for the longest time. It hadn't sold, maybe 'coz it has a little chip? So I thought it would be an excellent surface to be altered!

Used one of my little coin purses I recently found (not the expensive one!)
I thought this turned out quite nicely!

I also had this nice window out in my garage just waiting to be turned into something, then I had this idea.......

It's not done yet--all pics need to be spray glued down. Then I want to put some old hooks on the bottom and hang it with some old wire. I want to get this done before our open house on the 24th. I work best under pressure~~~

Then...my darling thoughtful husband brought me these one day....

I told him I was looking for some nests from last year still on the branch to decorate at the open house. So while he was out driving around the farm one day he found a bunch for me!!! So we hopped in the truck together and brought 'em all home! How romantic is that?!?

I put a little flower bunch in this one~~speaks spring to me!!

I continue to be inspired by others out there who are generous enough to share their ideas with us...I am truly grateful! I hope I can return the favor too!


  1. Great inspiration, love the little found nests, so springy!

  2. Hi Julie- I just love all of your pieces! I'm inspired with all sorts of new collage ideas! I would never have thought to collage something like a platter- how creative!

  3. I love those nests! And you're right, WHAT a romantic gesture!

    I can't wait to see your finished picture window, it already looks fantastic!



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