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Monday, March 8, 2010


OUR COUNTY FAIRGROUNDS HELD A HUGE INDOOR RUMMAGE SALE ON SAT.!! Even though I didn't get there until a couple hours after it opened--I still came home with some fun little trinkets!!
I found this adorable frou-frou pillow that I just love!
...and all these other pretty pastel treasures as well!*! The pillow is kind of covering up the little child's chair, but it's a cutie! I want to fill the etched jar with shredded sheet music and some little treasure...

One of the sellers had the greatest "trinkets"---great stuff for collages and assemblage! The teeny little book is a 1915 almanac! Love the little shoe, scale and playing cards!!

She also had all these wonderful buckles!! The metal one has little scottie dogs on it!

Same seller had all these frogs and of course I snatched them all!!!
The most I spent on one item in her booth was $4-!!

This is all the fun colorful stuff.....and some metal too!

thought this little cart would make a great napkin holder!

Wonderful linens (these were all from the flower frog lady!)

I Love the yummy dark one!
As with any rummage sale, there were those with the usual "Yucky" stuff, but I did come home with some great finds...and had tons of fun too!!! Great day!!!


  1. Now THAT'S a fun day- great finds! What a great idea to have a big INDOOR rummage sale in the winter!

  2. What lovely treasures you found, glad to see you are feeling better, after being sick on and off for what feels like weeks, I myself went treasure hunting myself this weekend too :) didn't you smile & feel better when you got home and saw the great loot you bought home with you :)Besos, Rose

    ps...I found you through Common Grounds blog :) I added you to my blogroll, I hope that is ok with you, please visit me anytime :)

  3. Wow girl, great stuff!
    LOVE the frogs, and those trinkets are amazing!

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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