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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More DAN-dy stuff!!

In my last post I mentioned that I frequently buy from a guy named Dan. Well he came through for me again with some more great stuff!! This is a picture of my van after my last visit to his house! He and his wife are cleaning out a super-old house with awesome junk!!!
The shabby rocker has the most perfectly aged shade of cream and green paint---YUMMY!!
The large laundry basket in the back is awesome too~~I'm filling it with springy branches for the open house!
Great selection of vintage pots and birdhouses!!

I love this gorgeous mirror--just the right amount of age to the silver!!

This was the best he had to offer that day~~~The most wonderful selection of vintage Valentines that I've ever found!!!! I love all of them!!

Isn't she a sweetie?!?

He just called me again this morning~~~has a box of old rosaries and a ton of linens!!!
I better get going-Ican't wait to see what he has for me!!!


  1. Dan sounds like a great picker!! Lucky you!

  2. You got a great haul! Let me know if you're interested in selling any of the rosaries that he has. Love that old basket and the birdhouses!


I truly appreciate each and every word!! Thanks for stopping by!!

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