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Thursday, March 11, 2010


Just thought I'd take a few pics today of some of my favorite things and vignettes in my house. I have a big cupboard in my living room that I love to change up every now and then. Most of the time it houses my transferware and flower basket doorstops which I have blogged about and pictured in the past. Here are some new and fresh things I've added.
I love to display my "instant relatives" in different ways!! Clipped to the edge of an old basket with a vintage Christmas candle clip....

In flower frogs....

and in rusty little metal molds~~

This is a shot of the inside of my living room cupboard. I especially love to play inside of this at Christmas time~~

This shelf in my living room changes once in awhile too~~But usually houses my matte ivory pottery. I love this fruit picture--very soft colors!

This is one of my very many latest projects! Honestly I think I have ADHD with all the jumping around I do from one project to the next!! I have SEVERAL started right now!!
These are inside my kitchen hutch for now until I decide to part with them!

Watt's ware inside my kitchen hutch~~

Kind've an eclectic mix of things I love!!
The spatterware bowl on the bottom left was my grandmother's~~I begged my mother for it and I think she gave in just to shut me up!!!!

Egg themed advertising vignette in my dining room. I have a kitchen re-model on the back burner for now~~but we WILL be getting at it soon-hopefully late this summer!!

Hope you enjoyed my "mini tour". Have a great day!!!


  1. What charming vignettes- you have such lovely pieces! I love how you used the Christmas clip to hold a photo- very creative!

  2. You've got some gorgeous ironstone and brown transferware pieces. I like your displays very much! Your egg themed things are really cute too! Come see me at my blog sometime...it's all centered around English transferware! I had fun here and enjoyed your blog.


I truly appreciate each and every word!! Thanks for stopping by!!

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