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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cupboard Re-arranging!

I've been trying to get my house back in order this week and have been playing "musical cupboards"!! The cupboard that I had in my dining room didn't fit in the spot in my kitchen that I was saving it for. So I did some major re-arranging (again) in my craft room and took one cupboard out that I wasn't crazy about and put my stepback from the dining room in there!! And I really love the way it looks in there!!! I've filled it with my vintage garden collectibles and also added some little touches of Christmas!
This cupboard is much more roomy than the old one...

plenty of room for all my stuff!!

old clocks and sand shovels...just for fun!

seed boxes and sweet little watering cans. I have several more children's watering cans, which I will work in after Christmas is over.

The little gold clock doesn't work, but I still think it's sweet anyway!

Added some bitty Christmas ornaments to my little wheelbarrow!

Found these darling little angels at a sale recently~marked Germany on the bottom. LOVE them!

Set this bottle brush tree inside an unusual flower frog then added my tiny repro sheep as added Christmas adornments!

The last of the really hard work of my kitchen remodel is over as of today!! My friend, my husband and I finally went and brought home my antique cupboard from the antique store that has been storing it for me for almost a year!! It's a big, heavy whopper and it took the 3 of us to get it into my dining room!!! Have been spending the better part of this afternoon filling it up with all my treasures ~ and I am in major LOVE with it!!!

I know I'm being stubborn, but I don't want to share pics of my new kitchen just yet--not until it is completely done!!! I ordered a new table and chairs and they won't be delivered for a bit yet!

But, I may be convinced to share pics of my new cupboard!! So stay tuned and see what develops!!! Thanks for your patience with me as we get to the end of this huge undertaking...we're almost there!!


  1. Sure Hope You at least Share the Cupboard with Us....

  2. Ohhh..I want to come over and shop your cupboard and walls!!
    Very nice junk!!!

  3. Yes, yes...please give us a peek at the cupboard!
    The one in your craft room looks great.


  4. I just love that little wheelbarrow full of ornaments! Looking forward to seeing your new cupboard, too!

  5. You have so many fun things in that craft room! I love it! Can't wait to see the cupboard and the kitchen. Stop by and enter my giveaway. I'd love to see you win!

  6. I so empathize with you! I have been playing musical drawers, sideboards, cupboards etc all week too! It's worth it though when we see such pretty end results. You have done a wonderful job!

    Best wishes and thanks for following my blog. I am one of your newest followers now!


  7. Can't wait to see your new kitchen! Brush bottle trees are awesome.
    Deb :)


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