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Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Morning Finds and Frustration!

I only had time this morning to hit 3 sales. Two were duds and one was pretty darn good! I managed to find some cool stuff at this one sale and the prices weren't bad either! Got these colorful pool balls! These work great as bowl fillers or in a big basket! I also found these Gurley candles, some are in better shape than others, but still cute!I especially like the turkeys!

~ A pretty Germany cup and saucer and old clock keys~

I think this is my favorite find of the day! I love this amazing feedsack quilt!

It's in excellent condition and has the most adorable patterns and colors!

I collect vintage feedsack and hope to make myself a yo-yo quilt someday! Maybe when I'm old and gray and have nothin' better to do!!

They also had this gorgeous buffet mirror ~ has the best frame and I love the etching in the center section!

So, not bad for one morning outing ~~ 1 outa 3 ain't bad!

And now for the frustrating part! I'm so mad I could just #%@!
For some reason Hotmail has been messin' with my email account! They say it's for security reasons. I can't get in it and I can't change anything, so I'm about ready to scream! So until further notice, please refrain from using the email address I've provided until I can get this thing straightened out or come up with a new one! If you need to contact me, just leave me a comment, I do check them quite often! Well, let's hope for brighter tomorrows!


  1. Wonderful finds, Julie~ my favorite is the gorgeous quilt, too! Sorry about the email~ I received one of those fake emails asking for emergency money supposedly from you, but I knew it wasn't. My son told me Hotmail would take care of it, they have ways of detecting that sort of thing, so sounds like that is what they are doing...must be a pain for you, though! Hopefully they fix it soon and you can keep your address, instead of changing everything!

  2. Hi Julie,
    What great finds! I love the quilt, can't believe someone was selling that!! I also love the old German cup/saucer and the buffet mirror. I have a thing for old mirrors and that one is very pretty.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Those are great finds, especially the quilt. Hope you get your email problems solved soon.

  4. Hard to believe when you find old quilts and crocheted items at sales...some people are not sentimental I guess.

  5. Great finds!!!I enjoyed my visit to your blog. Wishing you happiness, Katherine

  6. Good luck with hotmail Julie...what a pain that must be. You found some fun goodies again - lucky you!



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