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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pretty Pictures

I can be rather fickle when it comes to the things that I collect or even just admire. I am constantly changing my displays at home, getting bored on a regular basis with the same old-same old!! One of my most current objects of affection are vintage photos in gorgeous frames--namely old gold! This one is so lovely and I absolutely love the curly-Q on the top of the frame! Her necklace reminds me of so many of the new jewelry pieces being made by some of the talented bloggers out there!
She has such a sweet expression on her face-almost one of shyness!

I like them paired together!

I've shown this picture in the past, and am holding on to her for awhile because I love the grainy, worn appearance ~ so feminine!

Usually wedding photos aren't this "pretty"!! Commonly they are dark and rather grim looking. I love the dresses these ladies are wearing. I also wonder whose the bride and groom of these 2 couples?!?

And of course, this is my all-time favorite that I've shown before as well. It is the picture that I love the most in my home! (For now anyhow!)

Mother and daughter in a lovely garden!

These are my offerings this week for White Wednesday with Kathleen over at her blog
Faded Charm. This is quickly becoming a linky event that I really look forward to! So many beautiful whites to view that it takes me the rest of the week to see them all! Enjoy!!.......Julie


  1. Oh, Julie! Your pictures are absolutely stunning! My favorite is the last one, too! I can understand why you've kept it! Gorgeous!

    Happy White Wednesday!

  2. These are wonderful in every way. The frames are so beautiful and the old sepia is dreamy. The difference in the world of the past is apparent in every photo. Such care was taken for presentation. Your first lady reminds me of Virginia Woolf with a smile--which she never did! I really enjoyed this post. Thanks for sharing. WW is my favorite time in the week! Jacqueline

  3. Julie - your "New Blog Background" is sooooo darling!!! - Love the look... Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!

  4. These are lovely photos and so nicely framed.


    barbara jean

  5. I love old photograhs and paired with the gold frames they look so pretty. I'd almost bet that the wedding picture is of two couples having a double wedding.

  6. I just love old pictures-wish I knew their stories.

  7. I love old photos as well. Yours are beautiful!!! The photos and frames are simply wonderful!

  8. I love your collection of old photos, especially the ones in the round and oval frames! And I'm so glad you showed that picture of the mother and daughter again. I loved it so much when you showed it before. You should put it on your sidebar so that I can see it all the time!
    Happy White Wednesday!


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