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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

This Little Piggy!

I was looking around my home in search of something for my White Wednesday post when I spotted my small pig collection in my kitchen. I only have a few of these cute little guys, but they pack alot of personality in their funny faces! I have this lone little pig shaker ~ he probably had a mate at one time.

Another lone little piggy shaker and a fun pig pitcher or creamer.

I'm thinking the maker of these is Shawnee.
Just the right amount of cold paint loss!

I have been collecting cookie jars for a long time and have 2 Shawnee pig ones.

This one's name is "Clover"!!

Not sure what I named this guy, but he has the most lovely, long eyelashes~don't ya think??

Perhaps not your typical shabby, lovely whites for this week's White Wednesday
at Faded Charm but white all the same!

I hope you enjoyed my fun pig collection and find a chance to stop over and check out all the other variations of the white we all love!!


  1. I have always loved these pigs! I have never found one anywhere around here. These little ones have great personality!
    Great WW post!
    Hugs- Tete

  2. I did enjoy seeing the cute pigs! They all had the cutest expressions! Happy WW.

  3. How kitschy! ?Is that how you spell it? Cute! Jacqueline

  4. These are absolutely adorable, Julie! What a fun collection!

  5. These little piggies went wee wee wee all the White Wednesday. Cute Cute Cute.

  6. I LOVE your piggies!!! I have a pig collection... need to take pics of that and post one of these days!

  7. I love your pigs. I have the girl pig cookie jar from Shawnee that I inherited from my mom. It's one of my most treasured items.

  8. I love your piggie whites! Such cuteness. I love 'orphan' salt and pepper shakers and have a large collection. Sometimes I've found the mate! I agree those look like Shawnee! Oh and how sweet are those cookie jars! Love your blog and have become a follower!!

  9. Sooooey! Here piggy, piggy, piggy!!
    These are soooo cute.
    The do look like they're Shawnee. I just love them and I think they're a great addition to WW!!

  10. What a completely darling collection! You crack me up, too cute. :-)

    Have a wonderful Thursday!


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