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Monday, July 26, 2010

Vintage Clocks

A short while ago, at one of my favorite junk shops, I found two old clocks that I thought would make great junk projects! My original intent was to take all the "innerds" out and then use them as display cases.So far I haven't had the heart to take this one apart. I cut the old cord off the back, but that's as far as I've gotten! I'm presently using it for a book-end!
Maybe someday I'll find something cool to do with it. But for now I'm enjoying just havin' it around!

This next one is in kinda' rough shape, so it should be an easier target for a make-over!

First, I took the face off and will save that for future use, or just sell it as is. Clock faces have really become a hot commodity!

Then I "stuffed" it with some vintage goodies that I had laying around. It really makes a cute little nook for what-nots!

I toyed with the idea of painting it black, but I may just stain over the scratches and leave it at that!

Pretty cute I think!

I'm linking up for the first time with Linda at Coastal Charm for Nifty Thrifty Tuesday! Since I found these clocks out junkin' one day, I thought that qualifies!

Thanks for stopping by and now I'm off to get my linky and visit all the other thrifty blogs!!


  1. Love the cubby concept! I wouldn't have thought of that--I think it's cute too! I'm always looking for clock faces too! Jacqueline

  2. This is a really great idea! It has inspired me in all kinds of new ways of thinking! Thanks, Julie!

  3. The clocks are really cute. I especially like the little cubby. I'll have to be watching now to see what everyone uses the clock faces for.

  4. Those clocks were great finds...and you're so right about clock faces being a hot commodity! I absolutely love how you used the clock for a display piece...genius idea and now I know what I'll be keeping my eyes open for!

  5. Great clocks!!! HOw fun that it opens.

    Feel free to stop by asouthernbellewithnorthernroots.blogspot and see info on an upcoming link party called Storytellers, starting Sept. 1.

  6. Such fun!!! I just bought a really cool empty old clock case. I was thinking about creating something with it...but I just like the look of it just the way it is, so I haven't gotten very far with that project either. Old Clocks are just awesome...love what you've done with yours friend!

  7. Very cute...I would havve a hard time taking the clocks apart. I have a clock like your second one that doesn't work right, but it was my Grandpa's so I just display it as is...

  8. I love old clocks....there is just something about them.

    Like the idea of the little nesting box.



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