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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Vintage Crinolines

My garage sale guardian angel was sitting on my shoulder again today when I stumbled on a sale on my way home from the grocery store that turned out to be pretty amazing!!! When I first walked up the driveway, I was not impressed with all the kid's stuff and electronics. And might I add that this was in a rather ritzy sub-division. I usually steer clear of areas like that, cuz they usually don't have the great old junk I'm looking for. BUT...on a table amidst the sweats, shorts and t-shirts were 4 sweet, adorable, vintage crinolines!!! My heart was going pitter-patter!!This one is my absolute favorite~~so darling ~ so 50's!!

This one has the softest pink embroidery around the seams~~LOVE it!!

This one has 3 layers of different types of lace. The top layer is kinda crinkly!

Thought I'd see how this one looked on my manny!!

I could see it with a tank top and a big belt (not on me, but on some tiny little thing!)

Then...on a big rack of clothes on hangers (another thing I usually avoid at sales!).....
Was this sweet-as-can-be vintage prom dress!!

The young lady selling these items said they were all her mother's! She had them hanging in her bedroom for years and decided to part with them! Lucky for me!!

There were 3 dresses total, but one was torn and the other had stains that perhaps being almost 60 years old would never come out! So I bought the best one of the 3.
Isn't this sweet?!?

I wasn't sure what I would post about this week for White Wednesday, but these crinolines and dress almost fell into my lap at just the right time!!

Make sure you visit Faded Charm this week and see all the other vintage whites!

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  1. Love them all! So feminine and romantic!

  2. Looove them, how fun and wonderful that you found these sweet treasures! I might start checking out more on hangers after seeing this! Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

  3. Augh! You are one lucky girl!!!!!

  4. Love them all-what a great find-I think I've had that garage sale guardian angel also!

  5. Oh, what a great find...makes me wonder about all those sales i just pass by for the same reason, too!

  6. Darling, darling dress! Good thing we have these voices in our heads saying stop here! Ha Jacqueline

  7. Julie~ you find the best goodies ever!! What great pieces...I LOVE them!!

  8. You just never know what is hiding in those garages.
    Great find, this is why it pays to get out and browse instead of the pull up scan drive on.

  9. I think my comment disappeared!!

    Anyway, I came over to see you from Faded Charm. I love your crinolines and the prom dress. I just posted about some wonderful crinolines that I found at a yard sale and also a prom dress I found at an estate sale.

    I'd say we are kindered spirits! So, I'm following you because I love your blog.
    If you get a chance stop by and see me.


  10. Oh my goodness what a find!! Lucky you! They are all so beautiful, but that dress...WOW!! Happy WW!

  11. I'm speechless...so gorgeous and perfect!!!

  12. Lucky, lucky girlfriend to find those crinolines at a garage sale no less!!! The last 1 I bought was $30. What a fabulous Guardian Garage Sale Angel you have! :)

  13. I have been looking to find just one of those romantic little darlin's. No luck yet.
    You really hit the jackpot..lucky, lucky!

  14. Oh, you are so lucky to find those treasures and dress your manny up so pretty! I'm the same way usually when I see a bunch of toys and clothes, it's a drive-by. But everyone once in a while your intstincts tell you to stop--and then it's the happy dance!

  15. I hear yah with the yard sales, sometimes I drive not knowing how far it its and whammy it's one of those bad ones.. Anyways did you ever luck out with the vintage crinolines... I would be wearing the longer one.... I love it!

    Have a Wonderful Day*


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