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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Flea Market Vignettes!

The flea market I did has come and gone and was a moderate success--not great, but not terrible either!! We had morning rain and it kept alot of people away and then there were alot of "lookers" too!! Just thought I would share some of my vignettes that I put together!

My bird cage was the first thing to sell!!

I've had this dress form for awhile and can't believe I haven't sold it yet!!

Sold this cute match holder right away too!

This is how I displayed my necklaces.....

and I sold 3!!
Will try them at my next show in Oct. and see how they do there!

Stay tuned for more pics of other dealers wares and what I bought...

I got into alot of trouble with the 2 vendors on either side of me!!!


  1. I just love everything, of course, Julie!! I love your displays~ we really are kindred spirits~ I would want to buy everything!!

  2. I love how you have displayed items in your booth. I know it's lots of hard work and sometimes we do well and other times it could be better.

    I know that I wish I could have been there to shop your booth.


  3. It looks good...I love it! Very talented indeed!

  4. I love everything!!! I wish i lived near you so i could buy some of your great stuff. I'm a new follower....Kathy

  5. If I had been there you would have sold more. Great stuff.


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