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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Jumpin' on the Jewelry Bandwagon!

There are so many talented and inspiring jewelry makers today that I have found out there in "blogland"!!! They have really sparked my interest and got my creative juices all stirred up! I have started a few of my own re-purposed jewelry projects just in time for the flea market and antique/crafts fair that I have looming on the horizon!
I have been having some fun with keyholes...and I love these rusty, crusty ones especially!

I am a bracelet person, and have purchased many in the past at shops and various sales I've been to. I look at them and say "I could make that!"

Well, here are my versions and attempts...
I took an old charm bracelet with not-so-pretty charms and added some new beads and old buttons
in their place ~ and I like the way this turned out!!

Here is another version ~ just old buttons on this one... A little black, a few rhinestones and some fun plastic too!

I think I'm hooked!!

I will give these a try at my upcoming events and see how it goes.
But who knows~maybe you'll see them back here again ~ only next time they'll be for sale!!

Picked up another little jarful the other day and had fun picking and sorting!!

Looks like some seed for future projects!!

I think these will add just a little touch of "BLING"!!!

Thanks to all those of you who are willing to share your creativity so unselfishly!!

YOU inspire me everyday and therefore.....

Just Added: I decided to edit this post so I could participate in the linky party over at Common Ground!! {you inspire me too, Debra!!}


  1. Great pieces! Love those keyholes and the buttons! It IS addictive isn't it!

  2. Very pretty!! I've been thinking of making myself some bracelets with buttons. I love those keyholes...wish I could find some!

  3. Wow! you did great and I love the key holes, too! Lezlee

  4. You have a real talent for creating beautiful jewelry pieces. The bracelets are gorgeous and the keyholes make perfect pendants. I have a couple of those and may try making one for myself.

  5. These are just BEAUTIFUL, Julie! My daughter and I enjoy jewelry making, too~ it's so fun because everyone has their own style and originality!

  6. Your jewelry pieces are really great. I'm actually making some re-purposed necklaces and some of those same button charm braclets for a show in November! I hope you do well with yours!
    I like your blog...am now a follower
    Tammy :-)
    I'm also joined in on the link party with Debra!

  7. Inspired brilliance...both literally and figuratively! I loved to be able to create, but alas they don't let me play with anything sharp here at the home.

  8. Wow, I love, love the first necklace!
    You go girl!

  9. Love those necklaces! I've been making some "found treasure" necklaces myself but I like them too much I don't want to part with them! Your bracelets turned out really cute too!


  10. Hey Julie, so glad you linked up to VIF!! love all your pieces, and the bracelet is just really wonderful!
    Have a great weekend!

  11. Great jewelry! The rustic key holes are amazing. Keep it up, you will sell those, they are great


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