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Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend Sales

I bought one more piece of my favorite brown transferware from Frannie the manager of the antique mall I'm in! That was the kick-off to a good weekend of junkin'!!! On Friday morning I went to a sale just a few miles from my home that turned out to be both fun and frustrating at the same time!!
I made a pile of some really great stuff and when the lady added up my purchases, I realized I didn't have enough cash on me. I asked her if she would take a check and she quickly replied "sorry, cash only!" I told her that I only lived a few miles away and she said "sorry, cash only!"
I then told her that I would have to put a few things back and she then said --"OK"!!!
Is it just me, or was she crazy, not to mention stupid?!?
What do you gals think? They had some pretty high ticket items, which included a beautiful watchmaker's desk that was $425-. Now who carries that much cash with them? When I got home, I re-read their ad and it did not say cash only! Well, at least I had enough $ to buy some really cute stuff! I love the newel post and the grungy, chippy shutters.

And then on Saturday morning, before we went to the pumpkin farm, I went to a couple sales.
The first one was fabulous!! She was selling some of her vintage Halloween collection--SCORE!!!

I'm not sure if this cat is old or not. It is marked with the Beistle name on the back, but it is in such excellent condition, it makes me wonder! Oh well, I think it has a great look anyway!

New carpet balls in fun colors and patterns!

Pretty red bowls and cake pedestal.

The second sale was at my friend's home. We used to run into each other at sales and auctions all the time and one day I just went up to them and introduced myself and now we've been friends for years! They have a sale every Sept. and I wouldn't miss it!

Lots of great country antiques and fun folk art!

This cat poster is new, but will look amazing in my Halloween displays!
I love what they did with this bird cage-painted black and outfitted with a crow, just in time for Halloween!

Picked up some more transferware! Will be selling these though- not quite my pattern, but pretty!

I also got a super cute black shelf/cupboard to hang on my kitchen wall after I finish my remodeling project {more on that at a future date!} and a wonderful 8 ft. woven rug for my hallway!

I love this enamel pitcher ~ am on the fence whether to keep it or sell it. I guess it could live at my house for a little while if it wants to!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend of junking!! The weather here has been just perfect! Clear blue skies, lots of sun, moderate temps and very low humidity ~ finally!!

Reminds me why I love fall so much!


  1. I'm glad we don't live in the same area--we'd be fighting over the same things at sales!:-) Love all your fun stuff.

  2. Great finds all of them. I love the grate in the top pic, and the table and the newel post. ( I just recently found and redid a newel post, so fun)
    Can't believe they wouldn't even take a check! Esp with high priced items. That would have frustrated me too.

  3. Just AwEsoMe Platter... LoVe the Candelabra too...
    Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!

  4. I'm sorry, but I'm drooling all over the vintage Halloween goodies!
    That lady should have taken a check, and even a credit card if she was selling alot of big ticket items. You sure did come home with some great pieces though!

  5. Julie...you really DO have the best sales and stuff where you live!! My mouth just drops sometimes! Look at all that cool Halloween stuff, and the newel post...I am moving to your town LOL!

  6. Hi Julie,
    Wow!! You got some fabulous treasures!!! I can't believe that woman wouldn't even hold your items for at least 1 hour so you could go and get more cash! I always do that for people when I've had sales. Oh well, you walked away with some great things anyway!
    I can't believe the amazing vintage Halloween stuff that you found, so wonderful!
    I have to say that your little grandson in your last post is such an angel! There is nothing better than taking a child to the pumpkin patch and watching the fascination on their faces.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Love the items you were able to purchase. I am sorry you did not have enough cash, it seems like there are a few sales out there that have some misleading ads. I usually do not carry a suitcase of cash so I am always having to watch how much I spend. HUGS MARY

  8. Wow, you have me so jealous! What a fabulous haul. I think I might have offered up my clothing and/or jewlelry as collateral so I could go get more money;-) What a great hunting weekend. Hope you find more stuff out there this weekend.

  9. You picked up some nice pieces, too bad you couldn't get them all.


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